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Comment on Update - You Gotta Fight... For Your Right... To Write

Since I don't even remember which author numbers were associated with which authors, trying to guess "That must be so-and-so" always ends up with me running out of people I would guess are good authors.

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Comment on Update - Canceling KRR is Canceled

Well YT got rid of messaging on that platform a while ago, didn't they?

I guess post an email address there under your Discussion tab which I can use to contact you now.

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Comment on Update - Canceling KRR is Canceled

That's unfortunate.

You still have control over the YT channel linked in your account? I could accept that as verification of your identity.

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Comment on Update - Canceling KRR is Canceled

The Wayback Machine should become an honorary staffer at this point.

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Comment on Update - Canceling KRR is Canceled

Why does everyone have more star pieces than me?

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Comment on Update - Kirby's Epic Yarn Soundtrack (+ Ometon Details)

Lulz, the Passport was removed because the New Old Staff (or are they the Old New Staff? Old New Old Staff, perhaps most accurately) constantly demanded it be removed and replaced with CuteNews.

So I did.

I like how all of these problems which Bimblesnaff and I allegedly caused still weren't addressed by the horde of forum staffers that suddenly gained administrative control of the site.

Truth is, we never turned down help. No one ever wanted to help; they only wanted praise for doing nothing, which is what they had done back before I even started at this place.

I never wanted to maintain game information pages or the like; I just wanted to maintain a backend to make it easier for others to do so. No one ever did, as evidenced by the fact that the largest crew in KRR history didn't do it.

They didn't want to contribute to this site; they wanted to control it.

Also, I was against handing out FTP access because of the aforementioned problems with staffers going rogue. Anything that needed to be done could have been done through the Passport system, which is a big part of the reason I added it anyways.

Comment by Mints on 7:06am Dec 3rd, 2020 (Report| Reply)
Comment on Update - Canceling KRR is Canceled

Bringing back the Passports was one of the things I had done back in 2016 after Disk suikilled his FTP access. Technically, the Passports never went away, since doing so would have broken a bunch of IF and poll things. I just Cute News-ified the updates and hid the log-ins.

Your name was Duth Olec (with the space, since I'm pretty sure that matters). There is a Reset Password functionality with the Passport, too. I over-engineered this thing to the (cloud) nines~!

Response by Mints on 11:23am Dec 1st, 2020 (Report| Reply)
Comment on Update - Mister Fan Game and Pie?

I mean, I make Kirby fan games.

Also, I think I need to make an easier way to hook comments into features. Or just make an article-type for "generic text file" or something.

I made the Passport system specifically for this reason.

Comment by Mints on 10:38am Dec 1st, 2020 (Report| Reply)
Comment on Update - Canceling KRR is Canceled

Couldn't even be bothered to sign in, eh? That's just how quickly it's over, folks.

I'm not sure there has been a resurgence of KRR in over a decade. I just keep unbreaking things because... reasons?

(Actually, I have a problematic PCI bridge I've been hitting my head against, and I needed a win, and I saw KRR in my Most Visited listing and remembered it had been broken for a while.)

Response by Mints on 10:16am Dec 1st, 2020 (Report| Reply)
Comment on Update - Marx's Return - New Fan Comic

Staff positions have never not been open. As I've explained before, people only apply to be staff/ops/admins and not for any particular task.

KRR had tons of staff back-in-da-day. That was sort of the problem. Someone who wasn't staff had to go around and fix up all the brokenness.

Actively updating this site is a difficult thing to do. I had my privileges revoked almost a decade ago now. I believe Disk suikilled his own access, and none of the other staffers (including the owner) have been around in nearly as long a time.

All site edits are now done with a sneaky backdoor I added one time when Kindar revoked everybody's FTP access and didn't give it back for days. I only went through the trouble of adding back the functionality I removed in summer '11 because the staffers who demanded it be yeeted are all gone now.

I don't owe any allegiance to KRR. This was just the site that my brother complained about endlessly that I spent countless hours helping out for only hatred from staffers and apathy from members in return. Remember that the people sided with the histrionics that strangled this place for years over the dudes who have literally saved this place four or five times now.

I just needed a win, so I decided to see why PHP was being a butt.

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Comment on Update - Status Report


Disk purged all of the comments, but I also lulz'ded at this when it was originally posted years ago.

Didn't step down; was asked to remove everything I added to KRR and then do everything that all these people who never do anything wanted me to do.

I did exactly half of that.

Comment by Mints on 2:58am Dec 1st, 2020 (Report| Reply)
Comment on Update - Hail to the King V1.5

Hey, don't forget: a guy who doesn't work here does more than a bunch of people who did~!

Just looked at the storybook, and apparently, it stated that this site had been effectively deceased since 2011. It is amazing that I keep jump-starting its ticker whenever PHP is PHP.

Hilariously enough, my Perl site is still running on the same code it has been using for over twenty years.

Response by Mints on 4:06pm Nov 30th, 2020 (Report| Reply)
Comment on Update - Tuesday = Gurusday

We already have a chat.

It isn't a proprietary chat.

Discord is better, anyway.

We would never put a chat applet on the main page; that is terribly burdensome on the load time of visitors.

There are no private messages to prevent spamminess like this.

Response by Mints on 4:38am Jun 21st, 2016 (Report| Reply)
Comment on Update - Gurusday Tuesday (Part Two... sday)

I don't see you making any updates.


Yeah, but Robobot is great and distracting. It was one o'clock before I even realized it yesterday (er, um, today?).

Response by Mints on 6:55pm Jun 15th, 2016 (Report| Reply)
Comment on IF Entry - Mopong (Mopoo)

I didn't even catch that. You people really need to start using your cookies.

Response by Mints on 4:30am Jun 9th, 2016 (Report| Reply)
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