Comments on Update - Canceling KRR is Canceled:

Wow, I just remembered this site recently and wanted to look back at it, thanks for fixing it, I haven't been on the site in 10 years! Unfortunately, Google has locked me out of that old email address I used for my KRR account, and I have no way of accessing it. Still good to be back, though!

Comment by Destructo-Knight2.0 (Guest) on 11:05am Dec 11th, 2020 (Report| Reply)

That's unfortunate.

You still have control over the YT channel linked in your account? I could accept that as verification of your identity.

Response by Mints on 11:15am Dec 11th, 2020 (Report| Reply)

Yes, I do actually!

Response by Destructo-Knight2.0 (Guest) on 11:25am Dec 11th, 2020 (Report| Reply)

Well YT got rid of messaging on that platform a while ago, didn't they?

I guess post an email address there under your Discussion tab which I can use to contact you now.

Response by Mints on 11:46am Dec 11th, 2020 (Report| Reply)

Yeah I guess they did, what a shame.

Annnnd it's been done! Should be in the discussion tab now.

Response by Destructo-Knight2.0 (Guest) on 11:59am Dec 11th, 2020 (Report| Reply)

Well it feels good to be back! Thanks for the help!

Response by Destructo-Knight on 12:31pm Dec 11th, 2020 (Report| Reply)

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