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Staff positions have never not been open. As I've explained before, people only apply to be staff/ops/admins and not for any particular task.

KRR had tons of staff back-in-da-day. That was sort of the problem. Someone who wasn't staff had to go around and fix up all the brokenness.

Actively updating this site is a difficult thing to do. I had my privileges revoked almost a decade ago now. I believe Disk suikilled his own access, and none of the other staffers (including the owner) have been around in nearly as long a time.

All site edits are now done with a sneaky backdoor I added one time when Kindar revoked everybody's FTP access and didn't give it back for days. I only went through the trouble of adding back the functionality I removed in summer '11 because the staffers who demanded it be yeeted are all gone now.

I don't owe any allegiance to KRR. This was just the site that my brother complained about endlessly that I spent countless hours helping out for only hatred from staffers and apathy from members in return. Remember that the people sided with the histrionics that strangled this place for years over the dudes who have literally saved this place four or five times now.

I just needed a win, so I decided to see why PHP was being a butt.

Response by Mints on 3:31am Dec 1st, 2020 (Report| Reply)

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