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Hey Snaffy, what's your e-mail so I can contact you?

Comment by Starbringer (Guest) on 6:21pm Mar 21st, 2018 (Report| Reply)

This is gonna be an a ~2 month hiatus sorta abruptly, apologies, but it'll be back come May!

Comment by Ivysaur on 11:17pm Mar 25th, 2018 (Report| Reply)

hmm, interesting! c(ôωôc)

Comment by Chibi Manny on 5:53pm Apr 2nd, 2018 (Report| Reply)

Ivanya J. is still in the business of Kirby subs, so you don't necessarily have to be an relative ancient to get the reference. Anyway, glad to see the website's not completely dead, just dormant for months at a time

Comment by Pogman on 3:53pm Apr 9th, 2018 (Report| Reply)

It feels like this site is severally behind on the games released! There is no 3DS or Switch section. :c

Comment by Heckin Stinky (Guest) on 11:06pm Apr 13th, 2018 (Report| Reply)

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