Comments on Update - Combined Wrap-Up:

Dang, you were goofier than usual there, I think. Prime form. Presumably you used that extra time for it to wind down to marinate for a while. I won't say in what.

As for me, this had my... 4th and 5th IF entries I think, and the first one I had that actually ended in the green, so, yay?

Comment by Duth Olec on 8:43pm Mar 1st, 2017 (Report| Reply)

Oh nice, my Anchor submission got... 9th? 10th? 6th? A number, that's for sure. I had quite a few other concepts for entries for this contest, but couldn't ever make any of them feel like full-fledged abilities. Maybe its because my favorite game is Amazing Mirror, so I'm kind of predisposed to a "This ability does this thing and then, like, one or two other moves" rather than the Super Star "So many moves!" style.

Comment by mrgameandpie on 10:02pm Mar 1st, 2017 (Report| Reply)

Yeah, when I think of ability combos, my mind immediately goes to Kirby 64 style (which I suppose makes sense), leading to a more "this ability does this thing and then, like, that's it actually" style.

Response by Duth Olec on 8:17pm Mar 2nd, 2017 (Report| Reply)

oh, nice, i got fourth place! congrats to everyone who participated!! ...though i hope we get more entries and votes next time, hehe

Comment by Serena Strawberry on 2:09pm Mar 2nd, 2017 (Report| Reply)

This contest was a lot of fun c:

Sort of ended in a murmur rather than a bang, but I had a blast coming up with entries, and most everyone put their best foot forward. Shame barely anyone voted, tho.

Looking forward to the next one~

Comment by Griscuit on 4:35pm Mar 2nd, 2017 (Report| Reply)

That contest had a lot of water in it lol

Comment by Chibi Manny on 8:54am Mar 16th, 2017 (Report| Reply)

Doh! Dual Abilities is where I should've Shined! I can picture it now: something like... Jet and Poison! The Nuke Kirby! Now as dlc in fallout 7.

Comment by ArtistGarrison on 10:28pm Mar 20th, 2017 (Report| Reply)

sorry for the impatience but, before this place dies or somthing, should we start a new If contest soon?

Comment by Plazzap on 5:00pm Apr 8th, 2017 (Report| Reply)

I didn't want there to be back-to-back updates of the same content, so I was waiting for anything to break up the clump. Guess what doesn't come up much anymore? (see stressed word of prior sentence for a hint)

Response by Bimblesnaff on 8:26am Apr 9th, 2017 (Report| Reply)

lol ok

Comment by DracoxpeTheFurry on 12:02am Mar 14th, 2018 (Report| Reply)

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