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Obviously we're going to have to do a mustard mountain of research into the evolutionary history of species from Kirby.

And of course I mean Kirby as in the character. He's over there, just kind of spitting up all kinds of crazy creatures. I don't even know.

Of course, we all know it's impossible to build new battleships, and that also characters who explode in video games can never come back. That's why everyone in the Mario & Luigi games are dead.

Wow. I think question 5 indicates the Mailbag had better return or 2017 won't have a stellar Guru question quality.


Comment by Duth Olec on 6:03pm Dec 21st, 2016 (Report| Reply)

I love how People act like just because i ask a question they disagree with the merit of they automatically think it shows a bleak future.

Response by The Dark Master (Guest) on 3:04pm Jan 6th, 2017 (Report| Reply)

I'm definitely People! I suppose to be fair I've remarked on such things before and Bimblesnaff said it was okay, but I still feel Mailbag is a better home for questions that can't particularly be answered definitively.

But hey, it is 'Snaff's Guruzing. Or maybe just Guruing. If he thinks a question is good enough for Gurus, I won't question his judgment.

Response by Duth Olec on 8:03pm Jan 6th, 2017 (Report| Reply)

Thanks, I have had a bad day. A person by the name of Billy Bong doxed my close friend Kraut and Tea's girlfriend.

Response by TheDarkMaster (Guest) on 5:21pm Jan 8th, 2017 (Report| Reply)

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