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Okay, who wants to say that this is the coolest IF ever!

Anyways,Bimblesnaff, can a combination only have the theme of one ability, except with new attacks with the element of the other ability? (Note: New attacks with the element, not old attacks with the element, thus not violating the Flaming Sword clause.)

Comment by Hantho on 1:31pm Dec 1st, 2016 (Report| Reply)

No? They are supposed to have influence of the two abilities, not necessarily a "theme" of one or the other. For example, in my ... example of Jewel, it was highly defensive, partially stationary, and bounced back attacks. Fuuusion.

Aaand I just found out that I didn't have the form sending in which abilities were mixed. Well, that's gonna be fun...

Response by Bimblesnaff on 2:18pm Dec 1st, 2016 (Report| Reply)

Maybe now that you're done making an awful IF contest that Dedede will obviously win because of biased, you can APPROVE POSTS ON THE FORUM.

Comment by Keeby64 on 2:31pm Dec 1st, 2016 (Report| Reply)

Ugh. For the last time, I can't. I have no ability to do that (for some reason). I checked. I went in, I looked about, I even gave myself someone else's pseudo-permissions. Then it showed up, but I couldn't do anything about it with the mock-view.

Response by Bimblesnaff on 2:41pm Dec 1st, 2016 (Report| Reply)

You do realize that Daimyo-KoiKoi didn't even win last time, right?

Also going to note that Daimyo-KoiKoi wins because his/her entries are really good, not because of bias. That's just a mean thing to say about someone who clearly puts a ton of effort into their entries.

Response by Hantho on 3:36pm Dec 1st, 2016 (Report| Reply)

Thanks for the nice note, Hantho :) You're pretty cool, yourself!

I'll just take it that Keeby's still salty at the ACTUAL Dedede for winning all those rounds of Dream Course and/or winning all those minigames from The Crystal Shards :p

Response by Daimyo-KoiKoi on 5:11pm Dec 3rd, 2016 (Report| Reply)

Also, as of Return to Dream Land, player number doesn't mess with ability hats. They stay the same, likely because of how iconic each one is to the ability it is paired with.

Comment by Hantho on 3:40pm Dec 1st, 2016 (Report| Reply)

I've already managed to come up with several ideas right off the bat! This should be an awesome one.

Comment by Julune on 5:43pm Dec 1st, 2016 (Report| Reply)

Oh look, it's the one I've been waiting for. Too bad I'm going to be busy for the next month or two. Well, maybe I can get some idea[s] in.

I do have one idea of old that was originally a joke ability, but considering some of the combos in K64 why not? I mean, it's better than K64's Fire+Ice ability, so it'd have that going for it.

Most of the ideas I've had are more like Kirby 64's though, a one-button use with maybe an extra thing it can do.

Comment by Duth Olec on 9:04pm Dec 1st, 2016 (Report| Reply)

Now that you mention it, quite a few of K64's combos were joke abilities. While I wouldn't want the challenge to be overrun with those kinds of powers, I would like to see at least a few of those, could provide a good deal of levity seeing something like Fire and Water create something of roughly equal uselessness as Fire and Ice.

Response by mrgameandpie on 9:43pm Dec 1st, 2016 (Report| Reply)

Well, the Dark Matter Trilogy had bad combinations for abilities, such as Kine + (insert anything) and some of the 64 mixes, but they also were single functions. Remember the opener to this I.F.? How it was about expanding upon things? Usually, effort isn't wasted on garbage. (Unless extremely comical, like Mints' Ouch Ability Review, which I apparently can't make a link to :/)

Response by Bimblesnaff on 4:37pm Dec 2nd, 2016 (Report| Reply)

Another question: In Kirby 64 the same ability could be combined into its own combo ability. Usually just a stronger version of the basic one, though a couple were quite a bit different. Is that allowed? As long as it's not just, like, "kirby has TWO swords now!!" "kirby has BIG hammer now!" "kirby punches faster now!" but an actually different and new concept, such as where Bomb--throw a bomb--turned into shoot three homing missiles.

The rules say two, but I didn't know if you were just trying to avoid people submitting entries with more than two different abilities.

Response by Duth Olec on 7:14pm Dec 4th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

No doubles is gonna remain no doubles. Arguably, one should be able to pull out a different ability to get the desired effect. For example, Cutter/Sword for a big scimitar, Hammer/Stone for a mighty maul, ... uh, Archer or Crash Missile/Bomb for a missile array? Certainly not Archer -- that'd be stupid.

Response by Bimblesnaff on 4:56pm Dec 5th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

Don't forget about Cupid/Archer for whatever you'd want Cupid/Cupid or Archer/Archer to do!

Response by mrgameandpie on 6:16pm Dec 5th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

You're still moderating the gallery, right?

Comment by Keeby64 on 6:34am Dec 6th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

Yes. I log in every day at least once. Haven't seen anything sent in for a bit, unless it came a minute after I last checked.

Response by Bimblesnaff on 5:01pm Dec 6th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

On free time, I occasionally work (since a lot of time, and I mean years) on a custom ability mixing table, and I see that there are a lot of nice ideas in this contest. May I take inspiration from those entries for my project? (I don't have any plan on releasing it soon but if you like the idea we could even try to discuss the abilities together).

so far, I rebooted the table like 4 or 5 times, and I'm trying to only keep the abilities with interesting concepts and movesets.

Comment by Iko-kun on 10:11pm Dec 8th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

"Interesting" would be the ideal. Less of things like K64's Burning/Ice combo and more like the Bomb/Cutter. We don't any "look how dumb this ability is, lullz", especially if you plan on doing more than one.

Response by Bimblesnaff on 4:00pm Dec 9th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

Each ability is supposed to have a full moveset, some are simpler but I'm going to leave a lot of freedom to the player. Anyway it's just on paper, I'm not programming a fangame.

Response by Iko-kun on 8:43pm Dec 9th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

What? Are you telling me that I left out that part about requiring at least an associates degree in computer programming and full-fledged working script illustrating the submission?

Well, I guess that explains why I haven't gotten any code snippets yet.

Response by Bimblesnaff on 7:11am Dec 10th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

I think you misread my first post, it's not refered to this IF contest, but to a personal project that I'm doing for fun.

I'm designing a K64-like ability table with custom abilities, and I asked if I can take inspiration from the submissions of other people in this contest for my personalm project (the ability table), since there are some cool ideas but I don't know if people are ok if I "steal" them (well, not like I'm going to use those ideas for anything important).

This because there is a chance in the future (far future) that when I'll be satisfied with the abilities I'll publish the work in some form.

I'm not sure if I will submit any other ability in the contest since most of my abilities are not completely original, they are mostly based on altered existing ones (for example, I did a Blacksmith ability but it's based on K64's fire sword, or another based on an electrical cable and plug, that's inspired by Chibi Robo).

Response by Iko-kun on 10:15am Dec 10th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

You could use my entries in this thing you're making. I'd be flattered to see any of my entries in a fan project ^^

Response by Griscuit on 11:32am Dec 10th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

What exactly are all of button inputs for posting in the interactive fandom? Beacuse I'd like to post an ability but I have no clue what input keys I'm supposed to use to represent the buttons for each move.

Comment by Plazzap on 1:59am Dec 11th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

Try this:

You can also access it from the submission form.

Response by Hantho on 5:17am Dec 11th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

this is very late but thank you

Response by Plazzap on 11:16pm Jan 9th, 2017 (Report| Reply)

As you can probably tell, I'm running a little late on this one. I was busy. Don't worry, I have 4 super cool ideas for this round! They'll be coming... soon. But I'll draw most of them to make up for it!

Comment by Hantho on 10:17am Jan 1st, 2017 (Report| Reply)

Phew, good. That'll save me the time of drawing them so I can instead, I dunno, be lazy? Yep, everything works out.

Response by Bimblesnaff on 7:26am Jan 2nd, 2017 (Report| Reply)

One down, but 3 more to go. Oh wait, I thought up a new one, so there are 4 in the pipeline now. Sorry Bimblesnaff, but I think I'll be flooding the IF again! I hope people like my take on Circus/Water! Oh, and it has my signature brand of garbage art to look forward to! (First time I've drawn Kirby, what did you expect?)

To facilitate drawing all of this "art", I'll one make one Ability per Weekend, and I hope Bimblesnaff doesn't end the contest before then.

Oh, and by the way, if one ability has two forms, do they have to be on the same picture or can they be on different pictures?

Response by Hantho on 9:09pm Jan 7th, 2017 (Report| Reply)

Two forms? Yeah, I guess you'd want it in one. Keep in mind that the artwork can have a "full" version, typically larger than the thumbnail displayed next to entries.

Don't know if it will last four more weekend. Typically, I wrap it up once things wind down, and it's been a-windin' for a bit.

Response by Bimblesnaff on 6:56am Jan 8th, 2017 (Report| Reply)

Bad image for Pool, I'm guessing? I can edit and repost it if necessary.

Also, the word Slide is missing from Water Slide Slip. I remember putting it there, so don't blame me!

Response by Hantho on 3:01pm Jan 8th, 2017 (Report| Reply)

Maaaan, we could totally wrap this contest up if the newer entries just got a few more votes

Comment by Plazzap on 7:38pm Jan 15th, 2017 (Report| Reply)

And we got all the images.

Funny thing though, I still haven't voted. Just haven't had the time.

Response by Duth Olec on 11:29pm Jan 15th, 2017 (Report| Reply)

With all the art done, I can only assume the contest is finally closing, just as soon as we get a few more votes.

Response by Plazzap on 7:06pm Feb 5th, 2017 (Report| Reply)

That and the fact that the submission link is no longer there.

Response by Duth Olec on 2:22am Feb 6th, 2017 (Report| Reply)

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