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I guess to be fair if Marx was a candidate for B-Team, the other Kirby's-pal-really-baddie, Magolor, could fit the bill. I mean, didn't he even turn over a new leaf in Dream Collection? Maybe that's something I should ask Gurus. Maybe I found all the information needed to infer an answer by looking it up myself.

Shadow Kirby from the Mirror World might be able to make it. Prince Fluff would probably have more trouble finding a way to reach Dream Land, though. Hex, if there's a good enough reward, even the Squeak Squad could step in. If there's a good enough reward.

Kirby has since repaired his DNA and can now copy Water. Or as yarn take form of... Dolphin! Dwayne?

I feel kind of bad about bringing the anime into it, but I believe Meta Knight said something about Kirby's inability to inhale big and heavy enemies in the third episode and remarked on his having his own ways to not be inhaled despite not being big or heavy.

Oh, yeah, Mario RPGs do that lady tour guide thing too. Goombella, Tippi, Kersti, Starlow... except, hey, Paper Mario had a guy, Goombario, and Partners in Time had a suitcase, Stuffwell. Superstar Saga had no one. The bros were just fine beating up a lady by themselves.

Comment by Duth Olec on 1:58pm May 17th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

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