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Links iconPowerGlove Kirby Marathon for AIDS Charity
The kind people over at PowerGlove Marathons are running a Kirby marathon to raise money for the fight against AIDS! They're looking to raise 600 dollars to donate to AVERT. It starts tomorrow ( Dec. 27) at 2:30PM EST!

They are going to play through every console Kirby game, so go over to their site and donate if you can! If not, you are still welcome to watch and talk with other fans.

Everyone at KRR hopes you have a nice holiday season and a wonderful New Year!
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Posted by glod on 26 Dec 2011
Games icon3D Classics: Kirby's Adventure
Kirby's Adventure has been released on the Nintendo 3DS eShop in North America today, enhanced with 3D effects. Of course, you could just turn the 3D off and have a portable version of Kirby's Adventure, too! It's $5.99 $6.99 plus tax, and you can read more about it and see some (2D) videos here, at Nintendo's official site.

edit: Incorrect price, it's fixed now!
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Posted by glod on 17 Nov 2011
Multimedia iconKirby's Return to Dream Land Sound Track Uploaded
KRtDL's sound track has been uploaded to the multimedia section. Links to individual songs will eventually get there, though I don't know if anyone even uses those lately.

There's 115 songs that could be heard in-game + a few extras for a total of 127 songs in one game. Think this might be the most a Kirby game's had.

I can't say all the songs are stellar, but the good ones manage to be amazing. Nutty Noon's got such a good selection.
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Posted by Minon on 02 Nov 2011
Games iconKirby's Return to Dream Land Releases Today!
Though most gamestops won't have it ready till tomorrow, today is the release date for Kirby Returns to Dream Land! Get ready to KIRBY.

I'm actually gonna hold out on playing through it until Friday, so me and a few friends can play it multiplayer.

Putting a little trivia in full-story this time.
Posted by Minon on 24 Oct 2011
Games iconEnglish KRtDL commercial!
It looks like Nintendo's uploaded a commercial for Kirby's Return to Dreamland to youtube! Here it is, for your viewing pleasure:

Thanks to StarWaker for makin' me aware!
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Posted by Joshi on 19 Oct 2011
Games iconKRtDL Videos Galore!
KRtDL's Japanese commercials and overview trailer showed up on the JP Nintendo Channel two nights ago. doctornk kindly linked us to it first, though StarWaker did remind us to post about it on here.

Then last night, Nintendo updated the JP main site with a bunch of videos, including footage on quite a few abilities. See the Full Story for those.

I'm trying to keep myself from spoiling the game (though obviously kind of failing at it), so this hopefully would be the last time I update until it releases.
Posted by Minon on 13 Oct 2011
Multimedia iconKirby Mass Attack Soundtrack (+ some RtDL info)
Kirby Mass Attack's soundtrack has been uploaded to the multimedia section.

All the ones I could find in my copy's Music Player are tagged, but there's a few tracks that aren't in there.

Personal favorite's Tree to Tree.

As for Return to Dream Land, both the Japanese and English websites are now open. The Japanese site has the full opening cutscene with its proper music on it.
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Posted by Minon on 01 Oct 2011
Games iconKirby Mass Attack Released!
Today marks the release date of the new Kirby DS game, Kirby Mass Attack! This is the fourth Kirby game on Nintendo DS and the second to be stylus-controlled.

It's getting some great reception so far, so go pick it up if you are able to! And if you've already gotten it, let us know how you feel about it so far in the comments!
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Posted by glod on 19 Sep 2011
Games iconKirby's Return to Dreamland TGS Trailer!
Looking better than ever! Multiple Kirbies reconfirmed through this trailer, as well as Fighter and Flare Beam for the first time! Enjoy!

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Posted by DrNK on 15 Sep 2011
Games iconKirby Mass Attack Demo
For those of you who own a Wii, you can now download a demo of Kirby Mass Attack to your DS through the Nintendo Channel! I encourage everyone to check it out. The demo makes it seem like the game will be very fun and has me even more excited than I already was!

The game itself comes out in North America in just nine days (September 19th). The wait is almost over!
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Posted by glod on 10 Sep 2011

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