UpdateWhat do you think of the Passport system so far?85% -0+

The Polls are back, and better than ever! Now, you can discuss them, too, instead of simply being a faceless vote. Woulda been up sooner, but it is a lot of effort getting the old polls redone in the new system (lotta that to be going around) and getting new polls to a place where any KRR staffer could easily maintain them...

What do you think of the Passport system so far?

I like it! - 123 / 35%

It needs more features. - 104 / 29%

I don't get it. - 111 / 31%

No accounts and bad comments were better... - 17 / 5%

Total Votes: 355

Posted by The Ometon on 8:00am Oct 4th, 2009
UpdateThe More You Know47% -0+

With all the hubbub of the decade anniversary, who cares about a piddle Gurus update? Well, not me, that's for sure. Sadly, at least nine other people feel differently! Shame on you, people who asked questions. You need to get your priorities in order.

Posted by Bimblesnaff on 4:22am Sep 30th, 2009
UpdateFor people wondering...87% -0+

I am working extremely hard on the complete section for our decade celebration, and if you need more reasons why it is taking so long feel free to read more =)

Posted by kindarspirit on 3:56am Sep 27th, 2009
UpdateKRR Anniversary Pictures!94% -0+

As kindar said earlier, happy tenth anniversary, KRR! There have been a lot of submissions, and we're working on getting them up on the site. However, a few people have sent us pictures, and I'd like to share them with you!

Note: Pics will enlarge when you click them, especially the last one.

Here's a fantastically adorable picture drawn by Kirby-4-Ever:

Next we have an incredibly cute contribution by Madelyn:

Finally, we have a beatitifully detailed contribution by Dedede-Daimyo, including several of our members:

Daimyo also sent us a list of those pictured above:


Kindar Spirit/ Kirby.


Amanda Da Hamster/ Apple Kid/ Aiky/ Aqua Mizuko/ Aru Elviey/ Asotoku/ Baby Charmander/ Baker18/ Bazzoka/ Blue Joshi/ Brave Fencer Musashi/ Brocklover Onyx/ Carrie-San/ Chooch/ Crazy Duck/ Dale/ Debagledond/ Dedede-Daimyo/ Disaster Kirby/ Diskmaster/ Dr. Naruto Kirby/ Eej/ FatChocobo/ Fier/ Glod/ Gryphon Ten/ IceFrostyDude/ Ice Kirby 00/ Iron Kirby/ Ivyna J. Spyder/ Kirazy/ Kirby Bomber/ Kirby Warrior/ Leirin/ Little Kirby/ Mailbag!/ Marx/ Master Zora/ Matio 64/ Mega Warp/ Michael2021/ Minon/ Party Turtle/ Pirro Da Raccoon/ Plas Durock/ Primary Duck/ Professor Magi/ Qeomash/ Racie B Fox/ Rat Kirby/ Revortay Diddgery/ Rick Da Hamster/ RoboMechaDedede/ Rockman and Forte/ Shiro/ Spunt/ Squeaky Bimblesnaff Bogg/ Terusama/ The Almighty Narf/ The Ometon/ Trolly/ Waddle Doo Daa/ Wappery2K/ Wildrows/ Wolf4Knowledge


Adol/ AirRide Master/ A Waddle Doo With A Hat/ BladeKnightInc./ Bronto Burt/ Bud/ Cappy/ Ceceil Felias/ Cyber~/ Dark Matter/ Destructo-Knight/ Dr.Loveless/ 888Chilly/ EyeofCalamity/ Fait/ Fushidane/ GBAKirbster2007/ Generic“Dark”Kirby/ Generic“Meta-Knight”Ripoff/ Generic“Shadow”Star/ Generic“O2”Fangirl/ Gerugeon/ GirlaPurpleHeart/ Goemon/ Gooey/ Gordo/ Heavy Mole/ Iko/ Imakuni/ Infinity/ JessicaSephiroth/ Kaab the Kirby/ Kaboola/ KineTheGenius/ King Dedede/ Kirby-4-Ever/ Kirbyzilla/ Kiroscarby/ KrackoCloud/ Lieutenant Wario/ LinkKirby/ Lololo&Lalala/ Mamthew42/ MarioKirby/ Meta Knight/ Metallic Kirby/ Meta-Starman Ness/ Mico27/ Mr.Mog/ Mr. Star/ Ness/ Nicole Da Cat/ Nightmare-Dono/ NZ/ Paint Roller/ PineappleSodaCat/ Plasma Friend/ Popstar/ Prince Pyro Flarema/ Prophallus/ Qtie4U/ RedMetaKnightess/ Rgijaba/ Ribbon/ Sapphire Kirby/ SaturnStorm/ ShyGuy~/ Silver Lunar/ SiR6/ Sleeepy Kirby/ Sonny/ Speedy/ SuperMetaChain/ SuperYoshi888/ TehBurningOrange/ TheBlueKirby/ TheGreenKirby/ Theorizer/ Topmonhit/ Torkirby/ Twilight Kirby/ UFO Kirby/ Waddle Dee/ Whispy Woods/ Wondercrow/ Woodfang/ YamatoMan/ Yatzukuza/ Yonis/ Yoshirby/ Ziggy Shadow-Dust

We definitely appreciate the hard work Dedede-Daimyo put into this piece, and so should all those pictured above!

The submissions we've received have been beyond fabulous, and anyone who wants to can still enter their submissions! Additionally, anyone who wanted to send their submissions by snail mail and contacted kindar or anyone else--we will still send you the address, or if you'd rather scan your submission, you're free to do so. Either way, those who have contacted us will still receive their prizes in the mail (provided they send us their addresses too)!

Additionally, an important note: If you want to send something to kindar in the future or contact her in general, please use kindarspirit@kirbysrainbowresort.net! This should be a more reliable means of contact, so if you have anything to say to her specifically, that's the place to do it!

So, good times today, and more coming later! Seeing what everyone had to say about KRR has been wonderfully touching, so we'll be updating later tonight!

Posted by Debageldond on 7:03pm Sep 26th, 2009
UpdateKRR IS 10 YEARS OLD!94% -0+

Happy Birthday to KRR!

It finally happens today, we are a decade old. There is so much more to come later today with the celebration, and I know like others I am last minute in getting all I can together to try and add on. So if you haven't already, please take a moment to check out the banner above concerning the 10 year anniversary, and put your touch on it while you still can as it will close for good when I update later on in the day.

To all those who requested to send us snail mail items - we have a special present for you whether we received them or not due to some e-mails being crushed amongst spam and other things in my e-mail. I've collected the names and Bagel will be e-mailing you soon with a request to send you our token of appreciation (trust me, you want it!), and of course for the inconvenience you are welcome to still send your snail mail submission (he will also send you the address) and I'll add it to the section coming soon.

10 years is a lot to celebrate in one day, I don't see why we can't make this last longer. We are not accepting any more snail mail requests dated after this update however, but there will be MANY more chances to collect prizes. Trust me!

EDIT: Please do not send us money! ;_; It is extremely kind for you to offer, but we will not take it! KRR is okay I promise, we don't need money but we are touched by the requests.

Posted by kindarspirit on 6:00am Sep 26th, 2009
UpdateMy Streak Ruined70% -0+

It's not like I'm complaining that I don't have five updates in a row, since that's really more sad than boastful, but I just felt like pointing it out. Anyhoo, just as before, it's a Gurus update. That's all.

Posted by Bimblesnaff on 2:20pm Sep 23rd, 2009
UpdatePay no attention to the man behind the curtain...90% -0+

So, I'd like to explain some things which have transpired of late. Some of you noticed that the site was down for a little while the other night. If you noticed this, you were likely either European, or an insomniac like myself (actually I just like to stay up late, so that would also work as an excuse).

While I would love to blame this on the domain transfer which was actually finalized late last night, it actually had a lot more to do with my bungling steps which would avoid such downtime. Fortunately, Ometon has a much more robust stable of knowledge when it comes to such technical matters, so he was able to swoop in and save International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Three cheers for him, folks!

Anyway, with less than a week to go, I've been impressed and touched by the things people have been submitting to the tenth anniversary celebration. Now that everything is running smoothly, I can assure everyone that there will be even more exciting changes coming to KRR!

Posted by Debageldond on 6:24pm Sep 20th, 2009
UpdateInternational Talk Like A Pirate Day82% -0+

Avast, me mateys! It be International Talk Like A Pirate Day, so all yer landlubber tongue be replaced with the tongue of a salty seadog! Arrr!

And no, it's you who has more important things to be working on~!

Oh, yeah, and something about our servers changing. But mostly pirates.

Posted by First Mate Ometon on 10:10pm Sep 18th, 2009
UpdateBonus Stage Marathon and Kirazy's Comic96% -0+

First and foremost, four further features from favored fan ... comic guy, Kirazy, have hit shelves. And, by "shelves", I of course mean are available for viewing in the Kirazy's Fan Comics page.

But, next, I would like to direct y'alls attention to Bonus Stage Marathons first official video game marathon. Why's that? They've chosen to start with the best game series first -- Kirby's -- and will be showcasing nearly ever title in their Stars of Dream Land event. It's all for charity to benefit the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter. So, if any fans are near the Maryland area or are interested in checking out the live feed over the internet, check them out. It's for the animals, after all, and Kirby. And video games. None of those things are bad, so how can it not be good?

Posted by Bimblesnaff on 8:00am Sep 16th, 2009
UpdateThird Time's the Charm54% -0+

Too bad it's not the Charmed. That'd really spice this place up. Am I right, folks? Huh? Huh?

Anyhoo, there's another shot of Guru's knowledge for yer skull cases to absorb. Why? Well, because I that many questions. In fact, another should follow semi-shortly. Sure is a switch up from last months "Gurus at the start and end of the month only".

And, yes, I will keep making semi-antiquated pop culture references. It's also a day for semis.

Posted by Bimblesnaff on 1:18pm Sep 14th, 2009
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