UpdateWhich present do you want most this year?92% -0+

Yes, none of these choices are real presents. We don't need a heap of comments on what real presents you want, either. Everybody here is livin' in fantasy land, and therefore deals in imaginary goods -- like Kirby Wii. Zing!

Which present do you want most this year?

A pet Kirby - 313 / 27%

Tiff to shut up - 55 / 5%

Ometon to shut up - 20 / 2%

Ivy to sub-title the rest of the anime - 149 / 13%

Kirby Wii - 233 / 20%

A real release date for Kirby Wii - 375 / 33%

Total Votes: 1145

Posted by The Ometon on 6:22am Dec 7th, 2009
UpdateScraps of Questiondom83% -0+

Oddly, the "Feast" was slim pickings while the "Leftovers" are full of the more verbose, witty, and borderline insulting, in-your-face answers that built up the New G'ru.

'Cuz the cool kids don't have the time for that pesky first letter U.

Posted by Bimblesnaff on 12:00am Nov 29th, 2009
UpdateFeast of Knowledge44% -0+

... old and recycled as it might. I guess you can say that you're getting the leftovers before Thanksgiving thanks to Gurus, or at least questioners. An unprecedented thirty-three Repeat Responses are flying at you. So that's why it took three weeks for a new round.

That being said, anyone commenting on this by stating the order to which their comment was posted on the update shall be deleted. Go ahead. Try me. I'm sick of that crud.

Posted by Bimblesnaff on 11:59am Nov 22nd, 2009
UpdateWhich Dream Land dish would be most delish?85% -0+

No, you are ripping off of Bimblesnaff's poll from last year.

Also, one more update, and I shall rule the world~! Or, y'know, the main page.

Which Dream Land dish would be most delish?

Fried Tookey - 216 / 39%

Mr. P. Umpkin Pie - 101 / 18%

Mashed Kaboola - 45 / 8%

Grumples and Gravy - 29 / 5%

Cran-Benny Sauce? - 21 / 4%

Chu-Chu Sushi~! - 148 / 26%

Total Votes: 560

Posted by The Ometon on 7:41pm Nov 17th, 2009
UpdateMore Mailbag76% -0+

Could we possibly have any more mailbag? Well, probably, but then they wouldn't nearly be such a treat. Or at least such a biweekly feature.

Yes, just a few more updates, and I shall have full control of the main page~! My evil plan is coming to fruition...

Posted by The Ometon on 12:42pm Nov 15th, 2009
UpdateFan Game Follow-Up72% -0+

This just in: Rainbow Resort had long lost fan games! One was even made by the legend Crazy Duck! Who knows how long these three have been collecting dust?

I've also re-uploaded a heap of the Games Factory-made fan games along with the missing Link Library which kept them from being played on most computers. Apparently, that was the Game Maker at the turn-of-the-millennium, and was so popular that many just assumed users would have said-library and didn't bother to zip it up with the download.

Posted by The Ometon on 2:48pm Nov 14th, 2009
UpdateFan Games82% -0+

The Fan Games section gets a much-needed face lift. While only a couple of entries were added to the area, its organization was entirely overhauled. Now, you can browse alphabetically (psst, most begin with "K") or by genre and platform and all sorts of other nifty features that are way too complex for so few (current) games! Some of the previously zipped-for-download Flash games have been put in their own pages, too, so they can be played the way they were meant to be.

Posted by The Ometon on 8:43am Nov 12th, 2009
UpdateGuess What? ... Again?92% -0+

Yeah, as should be expected by now, it's another shot of Gurus gettin'. So, see what all people asked, or re-asked, or were too lazy to look up on obvious pages within the main site. This time, however, stuff of interest actually happens. If we normally operate at a five, I think we're at least at seven! Wait, who is this "we" I'm referring to?

Posted by Bimblesnaff on 4:36am Nov 3rd, 2009
UpdateWhat is your favorite part about the IF Contests?80% -0+

That's right -- a feature all about voting needs a poll all about it, too. Had to get rid of that time-sensitive Halloween poll somehow, right?

What is your favorite part about the IF Contests?

Seeing what other members make up - 123 / 40%

Flexing my own creative muscle - 38 / 12%

Contributing some artwork for the entries - 8 / 3%

Critiquing the good and the bad submissions - 15 / 5%

I do not like the IF Contests - 9 / 3%

Der, I dont know waht IF contests are - 115 / 37%

Total Votes: 308

Posted by The Ometon on 12:00am Nov 1st, 2009
UpdateMailbag Massacre72% -0+

In the spoooookiest Mailbag ever -- and the last before things resume their regular schedule -- the crew braves deep into the mildewy mailbag to answer zombie letters from beyond the grave! Now that's spin~! Much better than saying months old stuff we didn't feel like answer before.

Posted by The Ometon on 12:00am Oct 31st, 2009
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