UpdateCombined Wrap-Up100% -0+

What do you mean? This was totally here. Clearly, you are still suffering from discount chocolate induced madness after Valentine's.

So, after missing a month (and just one, no more; rounding does not exist), sufficient time was given for the latest I.F. to wind-down to a nice finished state. Or, just sort of linger while everyone/two people awaited the end synopsis. What a let down~!

Posted by Bimblesnaff on 11:59pm Feb 28th, 2017
UpdateLast Gurus EVER (for the year)66% -0+

Gotsta do that click bait, even tho' I spoiled the ending in the title, like a sucker.

After sitting on some Q's for a long T, I finally decided to get off my B and post this U. K W letter-I rather than the pronoun M?

A free prize of absolutely nothing goes to whoever can most comically decipher my nonsense.

Posted by Bimblesnaff on 4:32am Dec 20th, 2016
UpdateThe Powers are Yours100% -0+

A lot of people (ie: no one) said, "Hey, it's been about a week since the last IF ended (officially). When is the next one coming about?" Well, it was meant to be a month if not more removed from the end of the previous, but... small text, mumble-mumble. So, now ya get an I.F. 'bout crossing Copy Abilities. No segue.

Posted by Bimblesnaff on 3:21am Dec 1st, 2016
UpdateRobot Remnant Wrap-Up66% -0+

If you think that this end of the latest I.F. is a month late, you're wrong! It happens to be two months late, sucka! As with the general winding down of things, everything winds down. When Planet Robobot came and went, so did that influx of moxie to the site. Thus, those two months. Also, Mr. Pibb™ is superior to Moxie™, just saying. Also, the latter isn't in nationwide production.

This is what happens when I go a month without updating; all the crazy comes out at once!

Posted by Bimblesnaff on 3:00pm Nov 20th, 2016
UpdateSeptember is a Lie100% -0+

What's that? Never heard of it before. Pretty certain that there's no such thing as that month -- not that I would even know that it even was a month, given that I never heard of it before.

Anyhoo, here's some Gurus at a regular interval from the last one -- heh heh heh.

Posted by Bimblesnaff on 3:21am Oct 11th, 2016
UpdateYes, Gurusday Tuesday Again57% -0+

Hey, at least it's at a semi-reasonable pace from the last time, right? So, blah-blah-blah, this again. Now with more, uh... information!

Posted by Bimblesnaff on 3:21am Aug 16th, 2016
UpdateA Belated Gurusday66% -0+

So, I believe this was supposed to be put out there at the start of the month, not the end of it.

Like any self respecting individual, I place the blame squarely on everyone who is not me. And, I dunno, aliens? Wear your tin-foil hats, kiddos!

Posted by Bimblesnaff on 3:14am Jul 26th, 2016
UpdateArmor Up66% -0+

Being the start of the month -- and long overdue in any case -- it's time for the Interactive Fandom that everyone just knew was gonna be coming:

Robobot Armor Modes!

There are a good number in the latest title, but some Copy Abilities were left out. Let's see if the puffball fan community can fill in the blanks.

Posted by Bimblesnaff on 3:00pm Jul 2nd, 2016
UpdateAssorted Odds and Ends66% -0+

All vowel-starting words in the title. Does that count for diversity, 2016?

There's been a lot of lot-of going on as of late -- all of it minor and most not warranting an update itself. However, enough tidbits have been amassed to compile some monstrosity and a of banter (sounds like my thing!).

Posted by Bimblesnaff on 5:13pm Jun 18th, 2016
UpdateGurusday Tuesday (Part Two... sday)44% -0+

This ol' gray mare, she ain't what she used to be. However, she can still pull a cart. What does that mean? Well, apparently, that here's the second installment of newer new Ask the Kirby Gurus! With more, um, answers!?

Posted by Bimblesnaff on 2:12am May 17th, 2016
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