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Top rated - aru's Gallery
Christmas present for you1706 viewsKirby has carried presents to Dedede 's Christmas party.
Merry Christmas!
11 commentsaru55555
(20 votes)
02 matter1573 viewsDark matter and 02 are the same tribe.
Therefore, I think that 02 can become such appearances.
7 commentsaru55555
(10 votes)
ARIGATOU, Daimyo!736 viewsPlease forgive my up-loading of its avatar.
(She is one of the old original characters of not avatar but me to be precise. )

Dedede-Daimyo dressed a beautiful kimono to her...!
Daimyo, Thank you so much. I am very lucky beggar~! XD

Pompon of the pink color should be a position of the navel.
But, I wanted to show it. Therefore, I drew like this~.
The background used a free texture to which Japanese paper was scanned.
3 commentsaru55555
(5 votes)
Goomers!618 viewsWood Goomer is arrangement of fluff of seed.2 commentsaru55555
(2 votes)
Samurai Neo724 viewsEmperor Neo is play the role of Japanese samurai.
It is Japanese-style confection dumpling "dango" that they eats.

This picture can be freely coloring.
The coloring paper is here. =D
6 commentsaru55555
(10 votes)
Paint!1021 viewsA lower right silhouette is Brush hatter.14 commentsaru55555
(23 votes)
Kirby copied Klonoa Door To Phantomile!1112 views14 commentsaru55555
(7 votes)
Kawasaki that became Helper in KCCh1081 viewsI got excited greatly because I heard this news!! Yeah, It's Fantastic!

By the way, this is an unrelated story to Kirby. I noticed my handle name was name of islands. This mistake is like joke. I smiled wryly to myself. The pronunciation that I intended was Al. Oh well!
12 commentsaru55555
(13 votes)
Rainbow Sword (Super Star arrangement)1378 viewsThis became like aurora rather than rainbow...2 commentsaru55555
(8 votes)
Kirby and Knuckle Joe1298 viewsPlease give me tomato... 5 commentsaru55555
(8 votes)
Burnin' Leo1092 views10 commentsaru55555
(12 votes)
Let's play with Sweet Stuff!1569 viewsIt is funny lazy gag play of Kirby2, and please test the following way.
You copy Stone ability. And, you challenges Sweet Stuff.
You use Stone ability on the left corner.
As for the start, because the compulsion movement of the screen is slow,
that Stone might be undone. But, speed goes up soon.
At that time, you will pity Sweet Stuff!
(Attention: Rick cannot use this way.)
12 commentsaru55555
(5 votes)
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