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SMASH it1347 viewsFirst picture, so better put Kirby in it.
I think Gooey needs get in those games a bit more. Yes, the helper system is good,
and I love to use different characters, but still think Gooey's better.
Wish he'd sometime get those copy hats...

Yes, I know he doesn't have a hand to swing swords and hammers, but he managed to swing a parasol.
There wouldn't be any problems with using swords with his tongue, right?
At least I think so.
11 commentsElectro55555
(10 votes)
INTERNET1656 viewsThe things that have been seen cannot be unseen.12 commentsDemi55555
(10 votes)
Kirby vs Marx1832 views13 commentsimakuni55555
(10 votes)
Just tennis, but WITH Kirby1112 viewsHaving all those great characters, there still doesn't seem to be a multiplayable Kirby game that gives you the chance to use those characters! Now somebody has to make Nintendo at least try to make something like that.

This time I just wanted to draw something different.
Sorry about the title. I just couldn't find out a way to draw it in english....
9 commentsElectro55555
(9 votes)
Whispy Woods1568 viewsFdasfkjlh it's finally done! In total, it took about..... lesse.... maybe 4 days? 3 days? I dunno.

This is for a contest at the local anime con on Sunday. I wanted to go for a more realistic approach on Whispy Woods, but the coloring still made it Kirby-esque anyway. xD But it does looks a lot more realistic as a sketch. As you can see, I'm starting to go back to my old coloring style. c: I like it.

I'd really appreciate if you could give some critique on this, too. c:
6 commentstorkirby55555
(9 votes)
Kirby And Stafy Beachfun<31450 viewsthey are so alike~<3310 commentsHisui55555
(9 votes)
Starting Member1029 viewsBronto Burt and Coozer.
Coozer hasn't been in many games, but somehow I started to like him.
From the first game, yes. It was fun to see his new damage-faces in KUUS.
Awwww... Aren't those eyes adorable...

... Oh, yes, I do like Bronto Burt also. Nothing wrong with him.
9 commentsElectro55555
(9 votes)
Marry Me Kirby1895 viewsI guess I had a very sweet moment, when I drew this some time ago now. But finaly lazy me coloured it and I like it.x3
Hope you like it as well.
10 commentsHisui55555
(9 votes)
Meta Knight662 viewsA few things bug me about this but I'm happy with it overall. 5 commentsDemi55555
(9 votes)
Kopy Abilities --- Paint1991 viewsPaint! An ability shrouded with mystery, and you never really get a good look-see at it. Paint has always filled me with intrigue of seeing it as a true ability, so I've always been a fan of Paint.
And this picture's packed with 21 different poses! This one took SOOO long to do, but boy, did I have fun! Guest appearances from Ado, Adeleine, Heavy Lobster, andPaint Roller, along with the semi-usual Waddle Dee and Bronto Burt. This pic is dedicated to Dedede Daimyo's hard work on his Hina-Matsuri! I like the colors in this pic alot! And don't forget to look for the secret "Blank Spot"!

And thanks SOO much for the Double Artist Showcase spot! I really apreciate it!
12 commentsKirazy55555
(9 votes)
Chilly On Ice1304 viewsWinter is leaving,
Signaled by the melting pond.
Spring will blossom soon!
6 commentsAdol55555
(9 votes)
KSSU Style Susie1324 viewsI tried to mimic the art style used for Super Star Ultra's promotional art.1 commentsLunarHalo2455555
(8 votes)
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