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Battle with Marx Wrath2218 viewsI normally abhor fan-created characters, and I hate myself on the inside for drawing this, but an image I saw on deviantART inspired me to have a go at something similar. Shamefully I'm also considering writing or (more likely) illustrating a fan-fiction to explain it... 11 commentsDemi55555
(13 votes)
++ Pączek w Rózy++1331 views( I see that KRR system is nicer then the DA one allowed me type the original title with polish signs =v=; )

A one layered practice pic which was inspired , as odd as it may seem , by a Super Mario Galaxy trailer X3;
13 commentsSoraMito55555
(13 votes)
The Kirby Anime Lot2144 viewsMy first Fanart for the Rainbow Resort.:3
Hope you like it.
11 commentsHisui55555
(12 votes)
Kirby Abilities 11062 viewsWell hey, whaddaya know, I apparently have a gallery here to use. How convenient! Now I have somewhere else to store all my Kirby drawings. <3

This is the first batch of drawings from the oekaki.
Beam, Plasma/Spark, Fire, and Ice.
6 commentsDemi55555
(12 votes)
Kirby's House1106 viewsI'm surprised Blender didn't crash when I rendered the house all in one go, and that's including ambient occlusion and indirect lighting. Alas, I gave up trying to render this in LuxRender since Blender now supports approximate indirect lighting and will have a new rendering engine eventually.

I used a Blender camera with a focal length of 15 mm to get everything in the picture. Compositing work consists of color balance, a background image, a vignette, some noise, and chromatic aberration.
4 commentsAdol55555
(11 votes)
Kirby and Prince Fluff1838 viewsKIRBY'S EPIC YARN IS AWESOMEAWESOMEAWESOME!!! ;WWWWW; fjdasklhfasjdkl In celebration, I made a picture of Kirby and Prince Fluff!! The process can be seen <a href="">here</a>. C; Now go and enjoy this amazing game!!5 commentstorkirby55555
(11 votes)
Dark Meta Knight1493 viewsYeah... a Dark Meta Knight, hurr~<3 xD11 commentsHisui55555
(11 votes)
Star Blocks for Cereal Advertisement1863 viewsThis is a poster of an item that could be likely to appear in Dreamland grocery stores, maybe.14 commentsAdol55555
(11 votes)
Galacta Knight vs Kirby1250 viewsGalacta Knight from Kirby Superstar Ultra. I know his/her rival should be Meta Knight but I was very lazy to draw it... ^^; Sorry.
I hope you like it.
8 commentsAiky55555
(11 votes)
Magolor Soul981 viewsI see you in there Dark Matter! You can't hide from me!

Seriously you have no idea who loudly I squeed when I saw him at the end of "Kirby's Return to Dreamland".. I've missed you Dark Matter! I knew Zero couldn't be dead!

Anyways I've wanted a wallpaper of this guy for a while.. So I made one..
6 commentsEyeofCalamity55555
(10 votes)
Kirby's Epic Yarn1967 viewsWell, this is it! We finally got a Kirby Wii after 5 long years of waiting! 8D

So naturally, I had to do some fanart. xD The artistic style of Kirby's Epic Yarn is so interesting. Even more so than Kirby's Dream Land 3's crayon style. The idea of using yarn makes me wonder what the plotline of the game will be like. C:

I'm glad I got the textures the way I wanted them to be! :D
6 commentstorkirby55555
(10 votes)
Have an apple1219 viewsAdeleine from Kirby 64. The members from Crystal Shards are definitely my favorite characters through the series, making her also one of it. Fighting against her was quite fun, and suprising to be seeing boss characters from past games. Wish she could make a comeback10 commentsElectro55555
(10 votes)
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