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KRR anniversairy: Storybook 21138 viewsThis is the second part of the Storybook!
Aso is Rorschach from Watchmen, Bazz is Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen. I've just put the Mailbag Force, Bagel and Kindar in it, because I don't know who work here.
I hope you like it.
5 commentsQtie4U55555
(6 votes)
Efrite model987 viewsAt long last, here is the actual 3D model of Efrite that will be used in KCCh. Minon helped me with modelling some of him, but like with Sword Knight(which I hope you enjoyed in the latest Demo) and Mr.Frosty, I've been animating him entirely on my own. Quite pleased with how they've all be turning out.
Efrite has a couple new tricks up his sleeve when you fight him, but I'll keep my mouth shut on that.

And yeah, I haven't done much Kirby art or modelling lately, might fix that soon.
5 commentsGBAKirbster200755555
(6 votes)
The Corrupted King546 viewsI just finished KD3 from virtual console and felt like drawing this guy real-quick.
I think the most disturbing thing about this form is the way he eats you with his dark matter mouth, but spits you out through his regular beak. I mean, what does that look like for poor Kirby when he goes through that system!?
4 commentsOnyx.555555
(6 votes)
Beaming Waddle Doo1164 views5 commentsAdol55555
(6 votes)
Kirby abilities1623 viewsI did this pic at the classroom, then made the lineart on Photoshop with my beloved pen tablet. I think it went good...Anyway, thanks for the favs and comments, and the pageviews! I'm so happy!
Obs: I drew too Whip Kirby, my copy ability, and Plant Kirby, who isn't my creation. I saw in a Deviantart page and thought it was cute...
2 commentsgerugeon55555
(6 votes)
In the arcade1732 viewsFinally, I've got a new drawing!
They're in the arcade, playing games as you see. I like all the games I've drawn.
I hope you like it!
11 commentsQtie4U55555
(6 votes)
Wrong Star2054 viewsDumb idea. But I have to admit this is really funny. Well, enjoy it. And thank you for the comments and favs!
Patrick is so dumb. Tiff probably won't like the exchange. Neither Kirby.
Will SpongeBob notice that this best friend is now...yellow?
7 commentsgerugeon55555
(6 votes)
Kirby and his Kast of Thousands!!2092 viewsKirby and some of the characters from his games! Not all... but most/some!10 commentsKirazy55555
(6 votes)
Chains1665 viewsDurn I haven't drawn Mace Kirby in a long while...

That's a Masher behind Mace Knight and Kirby btw.
7 commentsMinon55555
(6 votes)
by Shadow Falcon1084 views55555
(6 votes)
Pink Breakfast1086 viewswarning: big file

D: a first place request by Dalsifodyas.


it's too long to explain anyway :<
5 commentsRWMVG1DC55555
(6 votes)
Meta Knight's birthday page 12685 viewsvery old pic again...How many years MK has? Well, according to the timeline of the Kirby anime in Kirby Raibow Resort, Sir Meta Knight seems to be very, very old...I mean, he fought against Nightmare, and this was much time ago...
So, this crazy idea simply appear in my head. Enjoy it! Later I will post the other pages...
11 commentsgerugeon55555
(6 votes)
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