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Top rated - Kirby
Dream Land1424 viewsI especially love how the sky came out c:6 commentstorkirby55555
(15 votes)
Kirby and Prince Fluff1837 viewsKIRBY'S EPIC YARN IS AWESOMEAWESOMEAWESOME!!! ;WWWWW; fjdasklhfasjdkl In celebration, I made a picture of Kirby and Prince Fluff!! The process can be seen <a href="">here</a>. C; Now go and enjoy this amazing game!!5 commentstorkirby55555
(11 votes)
Kirby's Epic Yarn1964 viewsWell, this is it! We finally got a Kirby Wii after 5 long years of waiting! 8D

So naturally, I had to do some fanart. xD The artistic style of Kirby's Epic Yarn is so interesting. Even more so than Kirby's Dream Land 3's crayon style. The idea of using yarn makes me wonder what the plotline of the game will be like. C:

I'm glad I got the textures the way I wanted them to be! :D
6 commentstorkirby55555
(10 votes)
Whispy Woods1564 viewsFdasfkjlh it's finally done! In total, it took about..... lesse.... maybe 4 days? 3 days? I dunno.

This is for a contest at the local anime con on Sunday. I wanted to go for a more realistic approach on Whispy Woods, but the coloring still made it Kirby-esque anyway. xD But it does looks a lot more realistic as a sketch. As you can see, I'm starting to go back to my old coloring style. c: I like it.

I'd really appreciate if you could give some critique on this, too. c:
6 commentstorkirby55555
(9 votes)
Super Star1153 viewsHeavily based on the official art of Kirby Super Star Ultra.2 commentstorkirby55555
(8 votes)
Fall Through the Sky1399 viewsSimple picture of Kirby. C:

More of this style of shading C: I experimented with the eyes a little bit this time, and I think they came out nicely.

The background makes it look like Kirby's falling from the sky, so I gave it that title. Well, at least he's enjoying it. :D
2 commentstorkirby55555
(3 votes)
random Kirby comic 22330 viewsHopefully you all know what a Batamon is.5 commentstorkirby55555
(3 votes)

I had to.
12 commentstorkirby55555
(24 votes)
Mountain Stream2052 viewsProbably one of my favorite levels in Kirby 64, the mountain stream.

Overall, I'm really happy how it turned out, especially the waterfall. But I still can see a few things that don't look right to me. Colors are from screenshots from the game.
5 commentstorkirby55555
(14 votes)
Sword2136 viewsBased off of the official Kirby Super Star Ultra game artwork.
Picture for reference

I'm aware that it doesn't look exactly like the official one, but I tried, and I'm happy how it came out.
12 commentstorkirby55555
(12 votes)
Anniversary Celebration1438 viewsI'm gonna be doing a series of different videos celebrating Kirby's 20th anniversary! There will be game playthroughs, creative processes/how to draw stuff, animations, music...anything I can think of that can involve Kirby!
You can find a trailer detailing it here: if you're interested.

So I thought that a little animated logo should be necessary. C:
(23 votes)
The Hyper Zone1841 viewsRequest for Mutoh on deviantART.

Going back to my more simple style of shading.

This actually came out better than I thought.
5 commentstorkirby55555
(10 votes)
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