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Top rated - clariecandy's Kirby art from Deviantart
Flying334 viewsDrawn last month on dA Muro for this journal

I can't think of a title. ): Meta Knight always reminds me of a sunset for some reason.
2 commentsclariecandy55555
(4 votes)
Like mentor like mentee551 viewsI got inspired when playing brawl. XDD Drawn a long time ago.1 commentsclariecandy55555
(4 votes)
Icing Kirby787 viewsPart of the Kirby Food Series that I made in '08. :)3 commentsclariecandy55555
(4 votes)
Epic Yarn300 viewsDrawn in iScribble in August. I enjoyed drawing this but I think it looks a bit bare with only Kirby in it. T^Tclariecandy55555
(3 votes)
Kirby Abilities769 viewsJust the abilities that showed up in the anime. :) Drawn a long time ago.4 commentsclariecandy55555
(3 votes)
Suika!470 viewsMeans 'watermelon' in Japanese. In the anime Kirby's favourite food was watermelons. Drawn a long time ago. XD2 commentsclariecandy55555
(3 votes)
Spray Paint672 views27/01/13

Ehehehe I am very late >u>

Kirby 30 day challenge

Day 17: Spray Paint

I have to say I don’t really use the Spray Paint much in the games; I always prefer the original, haha.

Made in Sketchbook on iPad and put together in Photoshop

*Click to view gif!*
(2 votes)
Mirror to the Skies382 viewsCollab with hou-drawer and Hoeru-Okami on iScribble! :> This was really fun, guys. [link]

I drew the Pink and Yellow Kirbys, Hoeru-Okami and I did the sky, shou-drawer drew the Red, Green and Shadow Kirbys.

Then shou-drawer and I did the Mirror together. :>
(2 votes)
Snail Kirby346 viewsDrawn on iScribble a while back.1 commentsclariecandy55555
(2 votes)
Kirby Gijinka413 viewsorz I like it but I hate it at the same time. XD1 commentsclariecandy55555
(2 votes)
Wind's Nocturne412 views"Wishing on a dream that seems far off
Hoping it will come today
Into the starlit night
Foolish dreamers turn their gaze
Waiting on a shooting star"

I love the song Wind's Nocturne :3 especially the Japanese version. Drawn in an iScribble session with PrismJester from dA.
1 commentsclariecandy55555
(2 votes)
Ramen Kaabii516 viewsPart of the Kirby Food Series that I made in '08. :)2 commentsclariecandy55555
(2 votes)
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