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Top rated - Aru's Kirby Fan art album
Christmas present for you1703 viewsKirby has carried presents to Dedede 's Christmas party.
Merry Christmas!
11 commentsaru55555
(20 votes)
02 matter1573 viewsDark matter and 02 are the same tribe.
Therefore, I think that 02 can become such appearances.
7 commentsaru55555
(10 votes)
Rainbow Sword (Super Star arrangement)1373 viewsThis became like aurora rather than rainbow...2 commentsaru55555
(8 votes)
Kirby and Knuckle Joe1293 viewsPlease give me tomato... 5 commentsaru55555
(8 votes)
Burnin' Leo1091 views10 commentsaru55555
(12 votes)
Let's play with Sweet Stuff!1568 viewsIt is funny lazy gag play of Kirby2, and please test the following way.
You copy Stone ability. And, you challenges Sweet Stuff.
You use Stone ability on the left corner.
As for the start, because the compulsion movement of the screen is slow,
that Stone might be undone. But, speed goes up soon.
At that time, you will pity Sweet Stuff!
(Attention: Rick cannot use this way.)
12 commentsaru55555
(5 votes)
VS big boss abilities Super Star arrangement (finalized version)2272 viewsTriple Star was saved.
Deep image doesn't arise because I do not have DS.
DS... I wish to obtain it some time!
10 commentsaru55555
(19 votes)
VS big boss abilities Super Star arrangement (doodle)1932 viewsTriple Star was saved.
Deep image doesn't arise because I do not have DS.
DS... I wish to obtain it some time!
9 commentsaru55555
(6 votes)
The Earth Is Blue.1547 viewsThe title was named from the maxim of Yuri Gagarin who accomplished the space
flight for the first time.
He was impressed by the earth seen in space and said so.
But, it is uncertain whether he said really so. even expert opinion doesn't become complete.
I do not know in detail about him either. This maxim is more famous than he in Japan... (^-^;)

I wanted to do space walk of Astronaut Kirby and drew this picture apart from it.
If you feel twinkling of the star and Kirby's floatage sense, I am honor.
9 commentsaru55555
(16 votes)
Tornado1172 views6 commentsaru55555
(9 votes)
VS Big boss abilities1287 views2 commentsaru55555
(5 votes)
Christmas Marx1378 viewsMarx who makes candy snow in magic.8 commentsaru55555
(11 votes)
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