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Jukiddo1751 viewsThe minibosses begin~! Jukiddo is an often overlooked character from KSS. He's a pink, spherical creature within a thick Judo outfit. Jukiddo's movements are very fluid, mostly because his hands float in the air (I used wire to connect the hands to sleeves); he can attack suddenly. He will fling a hand out to grab, or do a generic slam-jump. His style uses the opponent's body weight against them, as he throws them to the ground. Kirby, being as light as he is, kind of defeats this purpose. Also at his disposal is a Hadoken-esque energy ball released from his hands. This can, in turn, backfire on him, if Kirby manages to inhale/ grab one of the projectiles, and send it back to Jukiddo. His copy ability is Suplex.3 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Nruff & Nelly1749 viewsOh yeeea, everyone! Get ready for KDL2+3 Boss time! N&N, the Hedge/Wart/Ground/Pork-Hog Family Combo hails from Kirby 2. Nruff, the small Child-Hog, is numerous. His distinctive markings are his white stripes. After his grand success as a boss in his first game, Nruff was unfairly downgraded to a regular, ability-less enemy in the Shimomura squeals. Waddle Dees are sometimes their jockeys. Nelly, the larger Parent-Hog, however, only appears in this single boss fight, and only as a single entity. There was but one, now vanquished by the pink menace, leaving her litter of orphans to spread across the land, fending for themselves. N&N are fought similar to other combo bosses, such as Lololo/Lalala and Pon/Con.2 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Pengy1730 viewsHe is so cute~ and it's not even Meta Knight in a costume! The Pengy is a rare creature, living in cold climates, enhancing the chill with his sub-zero breath. They slide around on their stomaches, which also happen to be their lower-bills. Being as rare as they are, Pengys have often been replaced by other ice-blowing enemies. But recently, perhaps due to sprite designing lazyness, they have been making a comeback, from their appearence in NiDL. Their relatives are Emp, Cocori, and Master Pengy; but certainly NOT King Dedede XD.4 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Grill1725 viewsBehold, the belated big boss of Kirby Super Star Stacker. Grill is a secret character of the game (though she appears on the box-art) and will only challenge Kirby to a match after he successfully bests all previous contenders without failing once. She is a master at Star Stacking (what that means, I'm not sure) and also a witch, as evidenced by her humongous hat that also has a star block at its end. She carries a flying broom which she uses to whack people and to ride through space, apparently. Grill has three onion underlings that trail behind her, but are generally useless; their emotions are blissful, malicious, and depressed, much like the four Tsujigiri of Goemon fame. Grill, too, is said to be an onion, with a green tuft of hair/ sprout; grilled onions, yum. Very little is known about her, and it looks like it will stay that way unless Star Stacker gets remade a third time, or she ever enters the main series of games (don't hold your breath for either of these).
>>Stay tuned this holiday season, KRR, for my Ultimate Kirby Super Star Sculpture Series, and much more every eight days, starting on the 8th! DONOTMISSIT~!>>
4 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Pitcher Man1721 viewsPitcherman is a Dreamlander. This obscure lil'guy is one of the dozens of supporting characters introduced in KDL3; he will provide a Heart-Star if Kirby is able to pass his test. His passion is baseball, where he is famed for his pitching techniques, including the slow-ball, the fast-ball, and the surprise Gordo! Pitcherman's game is actually quite easy. It requires the player to identify the type of Gordo PM throws as it whizzes across the screen. Three strikes, and he's out. His home-field is Grassland.3 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Acro1720 viewsOrca Acro is both a huge boss and sculpture! She is the boss of Ripple Field in KDL3, and somehow reappears on Aqua Star in K64, making her a reoccuring boss. In #3, Kirby first battles her above water, on a rock bridge. After Acro has been weakened, both will fall into the ocean below, where Kirby must swim-dodge various debris the whale spits out at him. Blowing air bubbles to knock back falling rocks and mini whales is the best way to deal with Acro, if one does not have an ability. Kine really helps this battle go swimmingly. In #64, Acro returns acting similarly, except this time, her tackles and projectiles are more "torpedo like". This sculpture is made from air-drying bulk-clay, compared to smaller pieces, made from Super Sculpey Poly-Clay. It is said she is a relative of the "Flying Whale"...5 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Needle / Clean1714 viewsNow, for two abilities that were not in Super Star. Needle first appeared in Kirby's adventure, and later the 'Dream Land titles and the spin-off games. It is a shielding ability, similar to Spark, known for it's sharp points and quills. Beginning with Nightmare in Dreamland, Kirby started wearing a skull cap/helmet with small spikes to show that he was infused with the ability. The user hunches down, forcing a countless amount of spikes to protrude in every direction. Furthermore, the quills can sometimes be used to catch onto floors and walls. Clean Ability has currently only been used in KDL3, but has been hinted upon in the upcoming KirbWii. Kirby presents a broom from nowhere and repetitively sweeps the ground. The left-over dust cloud damages enemies. The maid's bandanna head-wear actually came form it's appearance in the Anime. Like all abilities in Dreamland 3, Clean is pretty limited and boring by itself, yet can become one of the funnest and most unique when combined with an Animal Friend. It is important to remember not to accidentally refer to these abilities as “Spike” or “Broom”, ya' gits!3 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Bonkers1706 viewsBonkers is both a miniboss and a helper character. He is a big, strong ape-ish dude who carries a hammer to break some heads. In battle, he not only uses the mentioned mallot, but also throws exploading coconuts, found on palm trees around Dreamland. He appears to wear metal armor over his chest, sholders, and forhead, while a belt around his waist holds tattered jeans to cover his lower body. Though he is incredably strong, he is a bit slow in the head, as he will often just stand in place and let Kirby beat on him. On the other hand, this may be due to his physical and mental superiority.5 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Sparky1704 viewsHe is THE go-to guy for spark ability. In fact, Kirby's spark ability directly mimics what Sparky does best- surround himself with a shield of flickering electric sparks! Sparky is a Hershey's Kiss-shaped blob, often green or yellow in color to reflect his shocking abilities, with two electro-balls attached to the top of his head. These balls store electricity through static fields. They were also once considered to be Sparky's eyes. There really isn't alot to say about this little guy, except that he continues to be a staple in the Kirby series. That is, if not for plasma.4 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Walky1698 viewsToday is Walky Wednesday. This walking microphone always gives Kirby the mike ability, as is no surprise. He spends his day akwardly wobbling around, shouting obcenities, and spewing things from his mouth-- what a bum! His mouth happens to be just the space between the amplifier and the base of his body. Contrary to popular belief, Walky's singing is actually worse than Kirby's! At least Kirby can sing different tunes- with Walky, all you get is a repetative and annoying "WAAAAHAAAAN", plus flying music notes...2 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Burnin' Leo1698 viewsHe's on fiya~! Burnin(g) Leo made all other Fire Ability enemies obsolete in his sole appearance in KSS(U) and is perhaps totally responsible for the 'Ability Hats' of Kirby. As an enemy, a pink BL slowly trots around, and occasionally spits a hard-to-dodge fireball in Kirby's direction. All changes when he becomes a helper-- Leo rolls his fire-hair to move faster, and is able to perform all attacks and skills 'Fire' Kirby has at his disposal, including the “Buddist monk” self-immolation technique. Whaha, yes... Anyway, I highly recommend those interested in Burning Leo to read my analysis on his close similarities with the Kabuki “Lion Spirit” here <> Explaining why he spins his hair, holds his sideburns in his hands, and the connection with his name. 3 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Blipper1697 viewsHe may be late, but he is here! Blipper the fish flops onto dry land just in time to be considered an update for today! In water, he is a nimble and accurate swimmer, able to catch up to Kirby if he is not paying attention. Out of water, though, Blipper becomes a helpless, flopping ball of confusion. He is a staple in the series, appearing wherever there is a water-based level. Kirby wears a diving mask to breath underwater; conversely, Blipper's mask is filled with water, and allows him to stay alive if exposed to the air.6 commentsDedede-Daimyo
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