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Fighter / Spark1838 viewsThe Kirby Sculptures continue with weekend updates, as well~... Fighter is an ability hailing from Kirby's Super Star. Similar to Throw and Suplex/Backdrop, Fighter dons a headband, instead colored red. Kirby can punch, kick, spin and blast with all his fighting spirit. The judo throws are fun to perform, too. Kirby can even be a(n) Megaton Punch. Spark, on the other hand, is a stationary ability. Kirby wears an elemental crown like that of Fire and Ice (even tornado) with this ability. Squatting down, the user surrounds theirself in an electric field. It is sometimes combined with/ replaced by/ confused with the Plasma ability. Plasma generates it's energy through static friction and is projectile based, making it much different to Spark. **Sorry, everyone, for my surly attitude as of late. The last thing I want to do is let my ego take over. Forgive me, and hopefully we can all endure these few Kirby Ability figs, to embrace the grand artwork that is forthcoming! ^_^*8 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Javelin Knight1836 viewsAnother Meta-Knight, Javelin is a robotic droid and keeper of the spear. It floats around the stage as if it were bouncing. One of it's attacks has it separate its two hemispheres and hold out a long spear. This way, Javelin will move about while rotating, creating a dangerous spear-sweep twister. Another of its attacks produces a slow-falling, flaming javelin shot in a homing fashion. Javelin Knight is egg shaped, with a glowing eye on its top half, and a spinning base. They seem to be the weakest of M-Ks5 commentsDedede-Daimyo
T.A.C.1836 viewsTAC is the most versatile helper in Kirby Super Star. He is a little, literal cat-burglar. His yellow body is tightly wrapped in a ninja-like cloak, tied under the nose, like traditional robbers of Japan; he also carries a sack with signature vine pattern- another thief motif. TACs can be seen aiding in Dedede's pilferage of Dreamland in the first Subgame, and later on their very own (secret) planet in the Milky Way Wishes Galaxy. They have the unique ability to change into any of the other helper species in the game, and are the only enemies that offer the Copy Ability. Other TAC specialties are the Cat Magnum super-punch and the unique ability to blend into the background to completely avoid damage. Made a small cameo in Kirby Air Ride's City Trial mode. Of course, T.A.C. is a favorite of mine, for obvious reasons ;)3 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Pitch1834 viewsLittle, green, bird Animal Friend. Pitch is his name. What manuverability benefits does he offer? Since he is about the same size as Kirby, there are not many advantages Pitch can speak for. Kirby has to carry the bird places and, if running, Pitch futilly tries to carry the pink blob, which results in both of them going slower, anyway. He cant even fly Kirby around right, definatly not as well as Coo, as he struggles to gain altitude. However, Pitch is a beloved animal friend to all-- for the sole purpose of his amazing ability combinations. They are tight, yo! His mother is Hiiru.7 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Smash K-Joe1831 viewsWhoops, looks like I forgot one other figure in the Super Smash Bros Brawl Kirby Series-- Knuckle Joe, the Assist Trophy! A new addition to the Smash series, Assist Trophies are items that randomly spawn on the battlefield that playable characters may pick up and call forth the featured character to assist them in combat. When Knuckle Joe's trophy is acquired, he appears and quickly attacks the nearest foe(s) with a volley of Vulcan Jabs. To finish the unlucky victim off, he will either use the Smash Punch (which shoots the opponent horizontally across the stage) or Rising Break (which sends the opponent flying vertically into the air)! His design is directly taken from his Super Star debut (and thankfully not the anime) including his signature blue outfit and shoes, red shoulder armors, and white/red Muay Thai headband. His mouth is also clearly present, and his hair has been improved graphically. Since he is part of the Kirby Series, and therefore Masahiro Sakurai's brain/love child, Joe is one of the strongest ATs in the game. The Kirby series characters totally rocks Brawl's socks~ whaha!4 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Shotzo1828 viewsHe (it?) is an invincible cannon which fires cannonballs in up to 5 different directions. Sometimes, if Kirby is near one, it will change the direction it is facing to fire at Kirby. This could be due to Shotzo having homing technology, or it is possible the cannon is alive. In many ways, they are even worse than Gordos, as they're not only invincible obsticles, but they can go on the offencive, also. They may not be all powerful, however; in KDL, a candy item could defete one if used long enough. Blatzy is its relative.6 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Coo1819 viewsBack on track with Coo, the expert of the air! Kirby can team up with the owl to surpass fierce winds, and to quickly move-about the sky in any direction. Coo is the only Animal Friend without a mate. His feathers alternate from being purple to gray. He always has a stern look on his face, but that is just the pattern of black feathers surrounding his eyes. You really can't go wrong with choosing Coo to partner with, because he has both useful ability combinations and freedom of movement. Coo, Kine, and Rick all appear in Kirby Star Stacker and Kirby no Kirrakirra Kids.5 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Stone / Cutter1812 viewsWitness the true, unpainted, nature of this horrible clay I will never again use! Stone Ability is the ultimate in defense/ invulnerability. Stone's appearance shares a Kabuto helmet with Ninja ability. Kirby can go from being light and soft, to being hard and heavy in an instant. The falling stone is a powerful move, utterly crushing anything below, while allowing the user to be forever free from harm. The downside is that enemies can attack if you let your guard down too soon... While Stone is probably the biggest example of immobile abilities, Cutter takes the cake for its projectile prowess. Utilizing a strange hat (which I believe is a fusion of Ultraman, Arale, and Chichi) Kirby throws off a sharp blade to attack enemies. After tossing the boomerang, Kirby can either catch it when it returns, or jump over it, allowing it to strike foes behind him. The Crystal Shards killed stone, making it a walking rock-implosion, which was only semi-invincible. The idea later carried over to the Metal Ability. Super Star killed cutter, allowing over half of it's attacks to be closed-ranged. That is what Sword is for! *I don't actually mean “killed”, more like “modified”~!.2 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Trident Knight1807 viewsTrident Knight is my favorite Meta-Knight. He takes his form from a samurai helmet, with the crescent moon on forehead being an homage to crests on real kabuto. I made a fatal error, however! There should be an opening in the back for his jet, where the neck-guard would be on kabuto. Enough of my rambling... In battle, he throws electrofied tridents for a projectile attack, or charges at the opponant with his booster for a great stab. Given these qualities, and the one glowing eye, he may be robotic.2 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Noddy1804 viewsZZZzzz... are you asleep yet? You would be if this little guy was in your presence. Noddy is a holder of the dreded sleep ability. They are very similar to Kirby in appearence, but enjoy snoozing way more than him, or anyone else in Dreamland, for that matter. They are often an obsticle; often in the way of Kirby if he is trying to obtain some other 'better' ability, or if in a situation where obtaining the sleep ability would be detrimantal. With their little stocking caps, they literally are creatures of Dream Land... zzz.6 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Wheel / Sleep1804 viewsThe fastest ability and the absolute slowest ability! Wheel is a mighty destructive force, like the Tornado of the ground. With this ability, Kirby sports a backwards red racing cap, while resting. When he activates the wheel attack, Kirby's body actually morphs into a pink wheel, capable of running down nearly any enemy or obstacle in the way. He can speed over water and is invincible to most attacks in this form. However, when turning, or if he strikes a solid wall, Kirby will be rendered vulnerable and stunned for a split second; just long enough to seal his fate! Oppositely, the Sleep Ability is completely stationary (even more-so than Stone) and has no method of offense what-so-ever. Really, it is more of a liability than anything good, and is best avoided. Some (the game-designers, apparently) love this ability because it makes Kirby look even more cute than he already is, what with his stocking cap and drool, but even I discard this facet of Sleep. Though crappy in most every appearance, Sleep actually proved useful in two games. In Kirby Air Ride, players who made contact with a racer overcome with Sleep caused the ability to be passed onto them, as well. Also, in Kirby Squeak Squad, the upgraded version of Sleep would restore a lot of the user's health, sacrificing the ability afterword. I know I said I'd do two updates today, but I'm overcome with work, and want to prolong these figs a little longer...4 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Captain Stitch1794 viewsCapt. Stitch is a giant Gordo-- that is obvious. Unlike his invincible brethren, the needle miniboss is actually semi-vulnerable! Like many of the simpler MB's, Stitch charges in Kirby's direction, in a vein attempt at knocking off one of his opponent's life bars. He will miss his shot, however, if the player dodges in time, and will slam into the wall, knocking the Captain senseless. Only when his spikes fall off can Stitch be damaged. Another attack is sending his spikes themselves flying at Kirby, again leaving him open for attack. With all of his superior defences, one would wonder why he chooses to attack at all, since everything he does has the potential to kill him. He should take a lesson from the real Gordos.4 commentsDedede-Daimyo
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