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Rolling Turtle1906 viewsThis is not Rolly. This is Rolling Turtle as he appears in Kirby's Adventure, the only game to feature him. Tucked into his shell, he can roll around the room. If he collides with Kirby, he can throw him across the room or bodyslam him, being that he is one of the only holders of the throw ability. He can also release smaller turtles for ammunition. Phan-phan has replaced him ever since Kirby:NiDL. For this model, you could say that it is the stage in between the official RT, and Rolly, my beloved animal friend. Note to self: I want to make a Rolly sculpture in the future.2 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Mace Knight1901 viewsM-K #2 is Mace Knight. He is a squat, double-oval shaped creature with a large, spiked ball and chain for a weapon. He wears a tri-mountain shaped helmet with a glowing visor to cover his eyes. His small body is also adorned with armor and accessories. He goes about the stage swinging his huge mace above his head, and will eject the weapon towards any near foe, and will retract it after it hits its mark. Mace also plays a big role in RoMK in KSS. His relative is Masher.5 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Rick1899 viewsWhoo! How long has it been since I was last seen?! Anyway, I now resume my weekdaily updates of the 3D Daimyo Dojo, this time with the Kirby's Dreamland 2 and 3 series! Rick the Hamster is the original master of the land. His skills at quickly moving over slippery surfaces and tough terrain make him quite the necessity in KDL 2 and 3. As with all of the animal friends, Rick can harness the power of the ability Kirby is carrying to use it in a new and interesting way. He can also climb walls by jumping. His girlfriend is Pick.7 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Samurai Kirby!~ Waddle Doo1882 viewsWaddle Doo is an underling of Dedede Daimyo in this appearence. He is dressed in traditional Japanese pilgramage garb, consisting of a broad straw hat and a striped blue cape. You can always spot Waddle Doo by the giant, single eye. Instead of shooting a beam, he uses a paper fan, seen in Japanese comidy skits. Though he has enthusiasm about being a samurai, Waddle Doo is the least skilled of all the troupes, and is almost always the first to fail! Poor Waddle Doo...4 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Samurai Kirby!~ Chef Kawasaki1880 viewsHere's Kawasaki, the guy with a Japanese name befitting his appearence in Samurai Kirby! He is dressed in Japanese chef/cook attire, mainly that of a sushi chef, with a blue shirt, flat cap, and an apren (on which is written the symbol for 'food'). His dramatic pose comes from the Kabuki theater. He wields a stir-fry wok for a weapon, but it is shown he also has a giant pie somewhere, as a defete from Kirby yields pie in his face. He is a comidic character, for sure!3 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Mumbies1876 viewsHis name is plural (never Mumby) because he thinks it makes him scarier that way! Mumbies is an orb, wrapped in gause, with only one menacing eye pearing out from the inside. It is obvious he is based on The Egyptaion Mummy. He, along with other gastly foes, haunt Castle Lololo in KDL. He is somehow immune to Kirby's inhale attack; he is able to resist even the strongest suction. However, he easily falls to pieces from any other simple touch. He is one of the few prefectly round(no appendages) Dreamlanders. Skuller is his relative.3 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Wheelie1876 viewsPartner for the Wheel Ability and ground-bound vehicle in the Air Ride spinoff, the Wheelie Bike is a beloved character. First appearing as the average 'Wheelie' in adventure, designed as a smaller version of Grand Wheelie, this guy was spruced up for Kirby Super Star, with added red and gold metal-plating, chrome tailpipes, and even a little seat and handlebars on top! All this excess is exclusive to the Helper version of Wheelie; Kirby can jump on his pal to become the Wheelie Rider, and take control to fire stars, and jump while attacking. This combo is essential for the climax of the Revenge of Meta Knight subgame. It seems like Wheelie always ends up as the beast (machine?) of burden for the other, more versatile characters, but he doesn't seem to mind-- it is what he does best!2 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Grand Wheelie1864 viewsOriginating from Kirby's Adventure, Grand Wheelie is simply a larger, miniboss version of his regular self. Even for a Kirby character, this guy has a pretty unoriginal/ over simplified design. A tire with eyes for hub-caps. And that's it. Even his abilities are almost unchanged from the avarage Wheelie: he can speed forward, as usual, and also send out smaller Wheelies to ram Kirby. He is privalaged enough (IE; lazy spriters/ programming) to have been included in KSSU's Revenge of the King subgame.3 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Kine1852 viewsDarn, I said I was going to upload on scedule, but here I have missed a day! Today I will finish up the Animal Friends from KDL2, so as not to lose face, again! Here is Kine, the wonder of the water. This aquatic ally is your best bet for under-sea travel (Too much alliteration?). He can swim against the toughest of currents, and even allows Kirby to inhale under water. You know using him on land works about as well as a disability, but that's what is called a challenge. He has a secret love for sake. His wife is Mine.8 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Bronto Burt1845 viewsBronto Burt has a big name for such a small creature! He is one of the flying enemies Kirby regularly encounters on his travels. He is a simple foe with a simple shape- very easy to make, as is only 3 spheres, fly-wings, and a face. BBs fly through the air, walk along the ground and take off, or home in on Kirby for attack. Their relative is Koozer. For all flying/floating creatures, I use wire formed to a triangle shape, to support their mass. It gives a more authentic feel, I believe.3 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Glunk1844 viewsThe sea aneamone, Glunk. Glunk Glunk... stays in one spot, and never moves. Glunk Glunk... sticks to either ceilings or floors. Glunk Glunk... shoots sparks out his top every once in a while. Glunk. [Applause] Thankyou, thankyou! Ahem! Here, you can see the top hole of Glunk and the bottom of him, both rarely seen, as he is basically a 2-Dimentional character (in more ways than one). He does not really try to stop Kirby; he is just content filter-feeding, mostly. He can also live either in or out of water, if I remember correctly.4 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Magman1839 viewsWow, doesn't school just pile-on work when you are least suspecting? At least for me, as I loth to dig-up the syllabus simply to avoid being blown-over by the unknown amount of assignments I blissfully try to ignore till I can procrastinate no longer. Thank Kami it's almost all over with for me, whaha.
~Tonikaku, I briefly appear today to present a character-sculpture no one cares about: Magman, the boss from K64's Neo Star. Beyond the planet's lush jungles and beneath its craggy mountainous plateaus lies Neo Star's boiling core of volcanic rock. Magman is at the depths of this hellish inferno, and he is no push-over. He prefers to instead engulf Kirby in his lava-pillars-for-arms, while he sits safely in the distance. If Kirby damages his tentacles enough, Magman himself will approach the pink one and (slowly) give chase around the planet's interior. When defeated, he recedes back into the lava, yet the planet begins to erupt in a cataclysmic explosion of smoldering rock. Kirby must quickly exit the inside of Magman's volcano, rapidly filling with the rising magma. Sure, Kirby obtains his precious Crystal Shard, but at what cost? Poor Magman was just minding his own business, probably didn't even realize he had the shard within his great expanse of liquid rock, and still, Kirby relentlessly wrecks the fire-lord's land and dethrones him. If Kirby can take-down this literal “Titan of Magma”, then are there no limits to the pink menace's power?! This large, near-effortless blob was made from air-dry brown clay, as opposed to the Super-Sculpey I regularly use, and is one of the final in my finished set of sculptures.
9 commentsDedede-Daimyo
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