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Most viewed - The Art of Orange
D.M.M.N.Z.N.M.M.T. o__O2165 viewsIf you thought King Meta Dedede Kirby Knight was a long name... here's his eternal rival: Dark Miracle Mind Nebula Zero Nightmare Marx Matter Two!

Made because someone suggested that I draw an 'enemy mix'. I got carried away XD

21 commentsteh burning orange
King Meta Dedede Kirby Knight O__o1989 viewsMy brother asked what would happen if Kirby got both Meta Knight and Dedede's powers... AT THE SAME TIME. And then THIS happened.

What have I done? D=

Lolwut? This made front page? XD
11 commentsteh burning orange
Marx has fallen down1931 viewsAnd now he cannot get back up ;__;

Randomly messing around with watercolors... wheee.
11 commentsteh burning orange
King Meta Dedede Kirby Knight... With WINGS1837 viewsSomeone asked what King Meta Dedede Kirby Knight's wings would look like. The thought bugged me for the rest of the day... so I drew it.

I'm starting to like this guy. XD
16 commentsteh burning orange
The Ultimate Battle of Epicness1641 viewsFinally. King Meta Dedede Kirby Knight faces off with Dark Miracle Nebula Mind Zero Nightmare Marx Matter Two (why do I keep forgetting his name? DX).19 commentsteh burning orange
MK's Wish1587 viewsThis is obviously what Meta Knight SHOULD have wished for. It would've made MKU so much cooler. XD6 commentsteh burning orange
KSS- Splash of Color1582 viewsFinally, my first REAL fanart here ^__^

This started out as a request from someone (IRL) to draw fighter Kirby. Then it... evolved into this. I left out a few abilities, but I didn't want it to be too cluttered. No, ninja Kirby is not on there twice. The other one is stone XP. At first I planned to color all of them individually, but it seemed better this way. Enjoy?
3 commentsteh burning orange
Can I has a turn?1566 viewsStop being such a jerk, Kirby! D=8 commentsteh burning orange
FEAR ME1522 viewsAwwww, isn't he scary? ^__^

You'll probably have to fullview to see what he's saying... sorry 'bout that.
7 commentsteh burning orange
Kirby Helps Me Learn Russian!1416 viewsI've been too busy playing KSSU to make anything new, so here's a little picture I made based off of a doodle during Russian class! <3 KSSU

It may not seem like it, but I really do appreciate comments. Thanks to everyone who's been looking at my art =D
3 commentsteh burning orange
Kirby 64- Fragments1355 viewsI've been listening to way too much Kirby 64 music lately *__*

This was the first Kirby game I played. Not beat, mind you. I only really played the minigames and one or two levels; mostly I just watched my brother play. That is, until this last summer, when I finally decided to play through the entire thing, 100%. I enjoyed it immensely =D.
6 commentsteh burning orange
Dark Nebularz1346 viewsIt's Dark Nebula! I never draw this guy. I probably should, though, since he was the first Kirby boss I ever beat...

Purple flames are awesome =D
5 commentsteh burning orange
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