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Image search results - "swordsman"
Shrouded in Darkness2400 viewsOld pic.
I consider Drawcia and the Para Matters to be a type of Dark Matter.

and the small ones with claws and a helmet are of my original design, called Soldier Matter.
19 commentsMinon
Dark Matter Swordsman923 viewsFor being one of my favoritest characters in all of Dream Land, even from my favoritest game, I sure never draw the guy, or correctly for that matter. What breastplate?
I rarely do things that are "artsy", and this is pretty much reason to why. This was actually a water color pencil painting done in inverted colors to be made mostly black once scanned. Yeah, that... that didn't go over too well. The non-flipped color picture actually looked better. It was, like, a Sun Matter Knight or somethin'.
1 commentsBimblesnaff
Dark Matter Swordsman654 viewsThis guy needs more attention.3 commentsMinon
Dark Matter Swordsman867 viewsThis is Minon's sketch of Dark Matter Swordsman. When I saw the sketch I really wanted to try a gray scale coloring on it. Like how it looks in the game. I tried some new filters and effects that I have been curious about.

Here's the original sketch.

Lineart - Minon
Coloring - JessicaSephiroth
7 commentsJessicaSephiroth
Dark Matter Swordsman471 viewsMy first drawing of this form of dark matter in my style. Please enjoy.2 commentsDarkmattersamurai
Chromatic Combat969 viewsThe pink puff faces off against the swordsman form of Dark Matter with the mystical Rainbow Sword. Best. Boss Battle. Ever.

Water color pencil overlaid with ink.
Three-color rainbows for the gold.
3 commentsBimblesnaff
A Better Future523 views...for us evil ones~ c:Aero
Trick Or Treat2476 viewsHappy Halloween, resorters!

I tried to make a costume that fit the characters' forms, but thinking of a costume for Kine was the most difficult. I thought of dressing him up as that shark boss from Amazing Mirror, Heavy Lobster, or even NOVA. In the end, I made him the helper of the yo-yo ability, GIM.
8 commentsAdol
Dark Matter Swordsman442 viewsYesterday I made it as VS sprite and was too lazy to upload it here. Today I was bored when I got on the PC and thought that I could make a full version of it.
I like it, especally the sword.. <3 It's the best sword I ever made, lol. XDDDD
I hope you like it. <3
3 commentsZeri
Revenge405 viewsIt was fun to draw Zero Two from this angle. Could he even be there? I mean, isn't he a reincarnation of Zero? Whatever. I had different plans for the background, with a lot of Dark Matter drawn in a rotation cycle. That would be too chaotic for me, though. Enjoy~!2 commentsAero
Dark Matter Swordsman TAKE2555 viewsBasically my second attempt at drawing DMS, and this one is actually colored.3 commentsDarkmattersamurai
Dark Swordsman293 viewsA little doodle of mine. It's not the greatest i've ever done but it's not bad either. I messed up the shine on the tip of the sword.2 commentsHail
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