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Image search results - "stone"
Goomer class Verdans(designs by Minon)1306 viewsThe youngest class of Verdans, and also the most varied.
Until a certain point in their growth at this age, it is impossible to tell whether they are male or female. As they get older, they gradually grow a normal body and gain hands like the fully grown Verdans. They cannot keep the ability they were born with naturally after changing classes(with the exception of Mechanic), but they can (and sometimes do) artificially infuse their ability into a weapon that they then use in their new class form. Verdans cannot choose which class they will become, but since most Verdans are naturally happy with the form they change into, there are hardly any that create artificial means for being(or seek to learn how to fight as if they were) in another class.
There are exceptions here too of course, but that will have to wait until I finish some other Verdan pics.
2 commentsGBAKirbster2007
Omg A Rock Is Falling571 viewsDone after playing lots of Nightmare in Dream Land. I felt nostalgic last month.3 commentsWeen
KCCh - Ripple Star Fairies2014 viewsRipple Star Fairies get to join the fray in KCCh as well. They could be trained with the abilities present from K64: Cutter, Spear(Needle), Bomb, Ice, Plasma(Spark), Fire(Burning), and Quake(Stone).

I will hopefully be able to talk about how we go about with species specific abilities for helpers soon.
2 commentsMinon
Doo Elementals1576 viewsA group picture of Elemental Doos as suggested to me by lightningbros. Going clockwise from top left we have Tornado, Ice, Fire, Stone, Water, and Spark.18 commentsmetadoo
Waddle Doo Cake610 viewsFor my Birthday this year my parents surprised me by having my Elemental Doos drawing put on a cake for me.5 commentsmetadoo
Ichi (IF Contest)363 viewsHey, KRR! I just came back to this place (Well, actually, I've been here for a few weeks...), and thought I'd participate in the new IF contest! sorry about the dark colors, my PhotoShop has been lost along with all my other programs, seeing as my computer crashed. Oh well... Anyways, you can see more at the submitted Oversized Opponents. Boy, has this place changed...

EDIT: Huh?! I was about to submit this, but... It said, "No stone!" :'( It could be Bomb...
but I'd have to change the main body...
Hack316 viewsThe axe shaped enemy from kirby 64, it wields the stone abilittyDarkmattersamurai
Oversized Opponent IF Contest - Doomstone416 viewsSpookblade's entry from the latest IF contest. It's basically just a tombstone with a face that spits bones at you.

peperony and chease
1 commentsMonoKrome
Foes of Stone373 viewsAll stone-ability weilding enemies from blocky to golem.2 commentsDarkmattersamurai
Perogoi & Perogai760 viewsThis is a foe created by me for the contest "Simply Ungifted"
Perogoi has the alchemic power to solidify the flames, Perogai follow and hit you with his stick.
For some reason, this enemy was not accepted for the contest, maybe because there was two enemies in one submission, maybe because the flame-stone remembers too much the fire ability...
In any case, I made a demo in Game Maker about how these two enemy should be in a Kirby game:

(it works only with Windows XP, sorry)

These two enemies are inspirated by the character "Flago" of a fancomic made by me called "Kirby: Seeds of Darkness" (not online for now)
Stone Kirby417 viewsStone Kirby turned out okay, but I think it looks a little squashed. Plus, those stars were annoying to draw. Oh well.

Drawn with colored pencils.
1 commentsGalactic Knight 09
Tino the ant599 viewsThis is the animal friend that I made for the if contest "Pet Partner"Iko-kun
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