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Is It Really Over?1194 viewsFanart for Dream Land 3's bad ending. I just now realized I forgot to include Kine. Sorry, my bad! >_<5 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
13-Year Celebration!889 viewsWell, I was particularly proud of this one, so I decided to upload it ^^; It's an early (anniversary is on May 15th) picture I made to celebrate Super Mario RPG's 13th anniversary (13 is not a special number, but I wasn't a fan by time the tenth anniversary was celebrated). Sooo... here you are.

Edit: Wow!! I am very shocked and happy to see this reach the front page!! Thank you all VERY much who have supported me throughout the time I have drawn here, KRR. You're all the best! ^_^
3 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
URFBOWND969 viewsARGH! I SWEAR I will get back to making Kirby-themed art soon! It's just that I've been sick for a little while (not Swine Flu) and only just now got back into the drawing loop. I have been drawing MOTHER stuff for the series upcoming 20th anniversary this month, which is approaching July 27th. Oh yeah, and this may stand out as the first bit of trad art I've uploaded here, eh? Truth be told I do more of this stuff than I do digital! I'm actually more comftorable with trad art, I just don't upload it.5 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
September picture467 viewsum..... a picture.... for September....... yes...... made with flash....... This was actually made for my site but it was Kirby related so I posted it here! It's back to school for Kirby!Gooey
The Rod of Stars Shall Lead the Way!441 viewsMy most professional and one of my best art pieces yet! Slightly inspired by DeDeDe Daimyo's Essence Of Series. Done in pencil, outlined in black marker, colored in colored pencil, and slightly edited on iphoto to make it brighter. And avert your gaze from my horrible Nightmere Wizard, it may give you nightmeres, literally! 2 commentsghostmetaknight
Old Kirby Drawin'296 viewsThis is an drawing of Kirby (no shinola, Sherlock).... Not much else to say.1 commentsAterkirbus
Kirby Pic360 viewsJust a picture of Kirby1 commentsLady Dusk Angel
Kirby's epic yarn;kirby and prince fluff768 viewsThis is the poster I made in my art class.I'm surprised how easy it was to make this^_^.And now this poster is on the wall of my bedroom[along with some other drawings].CheatfinderGB
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