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Image search results - "parasol"
Free Fallin' Kirbs979 viewsDrawn for the 100-pic challange thing I'm trying on DA. The purple one's supposed to be waving. XD11 commentsShine
Rainy Day1144 views-11 commentskaabthekirby
Down the Rainbow and Through the Clouds1158 viewsI had to reduce the quality of this picture to be able to upload it. It's Parasol Kirby! My favourite copy ability... I think. Ugh, umbrellas are a pain to draw... x_x14 commentstundrarain
Looking Far1003 viewsColored in doodle done at school.

Also a little insight into scenery within the Kirbyverse
1 commentsMinon
Parasol Waddle Dee264 viewsSquee! It's a little Waddle Dee! Isn't it cute? And completely unrelated to the Camera History paper I was supposed to be doing there?1 commentsNanabobo
KCCh - Marketplace1908 viewsThis was colored in from one of the concept arts for KCCh, imaging a town bazaar type thing, and I don't think I've ever colored anything this well. Fricken love my tablet and Sai.3 commentsMinon
KCCh- Parasol Dee662 viewsAlthough Waddle Dees are quite capable of using a good few other abilities in KCCh, including Mechanic and Spear, the ability most of us commonly associate with the Waddle Dee species is the Parasol ability.
The Dee isn't the only member of the Waddle family that can wield Parasol however. Waddle Doo and even Waddle Moo can be made to use it rather than Beam and Gravity respectively if the player choses. Each subspecies of Waddle has differences, and not just in appearance, so there are reasons to do that.
Happiness/Warmth747 viewsThis simple drawing is actually going to be artwork for my Kirby fan site banner, but that version of the site isn't finished yet so you guys get to see it first. ^_^ Happiness is hard to describe... an elated feeling one gets after experiencing something pleasing? While we might never know the full meaning, you might as well enjoy the picture representing it-- even though the consistently blank-faced Waddle Dee isn't directly showing it!6 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Power of friends and foes - Parasol518 viewsI finally got this one done, I have had a lot of schoolwork lately...7 commentsville10
Melee Kirby408 viewsInspired by the Elemental Kirby picture. The sword can cut close foes, the hammer can bash from long distance, and the parasol has extra-long reach. The hat has a braided brim (Hammer), with the Link-like hat (Sword). There is no hat for parasol (which I shall soon fix). Also, the weapon can shoot a sword beam like sword, use a fire bash like hammer,and allows the pink puffball to be shielded from aerial attacks (with an added bonus of floating down softly). Sure, the weapon looks piled up, but it's a real challenge to combine them.5 commentskirby123
Parasol Hat350 viewsA hat created for parasol. How does it look?3 commentskirby123
Alone on a cold winter's night1071 viewsKirby and Waddle Dee sit on a hill, watching as the snow floats down from the sky. This is the same Waddle Dee as the one in Kirby 64. I was attempting at trying Kirby's Adventure style, but I think it failed... ^_^; By the way, which snowflake is largest?11 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
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