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Chibi Nobu319 viewsKind of an old pic, drawn in early January or something. Not my greatest, but it's okay. Note the second apperance of the spark tool. XD
1 commentsShine
Nobu Avatar333 viewsIcon of Nobu I made to use on the KRR forums.1 commentsShine
Neenjaaaa :D427 viewsJust a picture of a Kirby-Version of one of my Naruto characters (Yes, I'm a HUGE Narutard :D). 4 commentsTechnO
The Origins Of Lololo And Lalala1350 views(Picture contains spoilers on episode 9)

Ok, so I picked a theme and drew a picture about it. This one is about Lololo and Lalala and their background.

Did you know that in the original Eggerland story Lololo and Lalala are married? Lala(la) is a princess that gets kidnapped and Lolo(lo)s mission is to save her. Later in the game series they become the king and queen of Eggerland.

Again I'm missing a font... Hey, Nightmare, which font you used for your creepy logo... (sigh)
10 commentsStarDust
Fumu and kirby1189 views...14 commentsNana
Tiny nose-biting vampire Kirby692 viewsDo you know where your nose is?6 commentscartoonlunchbox
my first kirby related pic...995 viewsMy first kirby picture. Sorry, it is huge...9 commentsmussu
Little Night Excursion903 viewsKirby doing a little night excursion on the warpstar. I still don't know to what he's looking at... The moon, maybe. Well it's my first Kirby fan-arts, so leave some goods comments, plz! ;)10 commentsBuligete
Little Party With Kirby955 viewsThe writting describe it all. Leave some comments, please. I first drew a dancing Kirby just for the fun. Why is he alone? Don't you see walky at the right? Well, the others saw it, but not Kirby. But when Kirby will see it, you know what will happen, right?13 commentsBuligete
Ice Kirby1031 viewsAn Ice Kirby fan art that I did. I scanned it and I've put color on it too! It were difficult but I've passed through anyway!13 commentsBuligete
Down the Rainbow and Through the Clouds1158 viewsI had to reduce the quality of this picture to be able to upload it. It's Parasol Kirby! My favourite copy ability... I think. Ugh, umbrellas are a pain to draw... x_x14 commentstundrarain
GIVE IN TO YOUR URGES807 viewsBe like Meta Knight.

<3 <3 <3
To be honest, I haven't seen him eat chocolate yet, but there is the hints of his sweet-tooth. And that's all I need. 8D
There's no irony here that it looks like the choco-chocolate from Hoshi no Kaabii episodes 52 & 53. =)
(drawn originally here on this oekaki before I found this Kirby site:
7 commentsRWMVG1DC
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