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Image search results - "mike"
Random 3 Sketches824 viewsI'm really trying to draw without tracing now. Here are three more sketches that I did freehand. I think they're pretty decent... what do you guys think?7 commentsstanxromantic1
Mike Kirby583 viewsI love that ability. xD It's so fun and funny when he yells!

... His singing isn't that bad to hurt other monsters... is it? D:

Love it! <3
3 commentsPikmingirl
Kirby Rocks509 viewsI made this last year and it was too big to be in the gallery. It's a recreated version of a poster I made in middle school. It's overall much better. 4 commentsKinu DeMir
by 123james1586 views404'd!2 comments
Polof Broadway1410 viewsLine up there by the counter to get your tickets!7 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Kopy Abilities --- Mike1814 viewsFinally!!! THE SAGA CONTINUES! WIth the newest edition to the bunch, we meet mike, an ability rarely in the spotlight, struggling to show uniquness amongst it's brethren, Cook, and Crash. Although, I am however happy with the results! To catch up, remember that I apreciate it when people tell me their fav of the bunch, and an extra fun gimmick is to search for the "Blank Spot", an uncolored bit. By the way, there are 2 pop culture refrences, If you get both, you get a big ole' pretzel.10 commentsKirazy
Mr. Klavier1051 viewsMy If-entry for Oversized Opponent!
You can see more information by the contest.
I actually wanted to 'color' the two last pictures black-white, but I ended up with coloring it. It's pretty easy made.
I hope you like it!
1 commentsQtie4U
Kirby Concert693 viewsKirby's first concert! his fans will be in for a surprise...3 commentsWannabe
Mike Kirby354 viewsMike Kirby came out alright, no major mistakes or problems. The mike stand came out a little long, though.

Drawn with colored pencils.
Galactic Knight 09
Kirby's Adventure1107 viewsYES, IT'S FINALLY FINISHED
This enormous drawing took me eight days to accomplish. Compared to EVERYTHING ELSE I'VE DRAWN, that's a long time.

I snuck in two from Kirby's Dream Land simply to fill up space.
6 commentsGalactic Knight 09
Mike Kirby, Ice Kirby, Chilly, and Walky349 viewsOld pictures which I was looking for a few months ago and only found today.pogman
abilities1397 viewsthis shows tornado,hi-jump,ice,mike,sword,spark,and fighter sorry about the poor imageplasmakirby
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