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Image search results - "mask"
MK Gijinka583 viewsUm, a request if you will by ~JessicaSephiroth. She's been interested in how the MKC members would view Meta-Knight were he... humanized, if you will.

...D: Sigh. My real attempt was just to keep his expression mysterious and unreadable.
1 commentsRWMVG1DC
Essence of Ultra9349 views7th in my "Essence of" series. Well, this dosen't exactly fit in the order I have been drawing these in, but Kirby Super Star Ultra is just so amazing that I couldn't possibly wait to do this one! KSSU is not just a simple remake of the greatest game of all time- it is a fully rekirbished, remixed, and reanimated thrill ride of Kirby goodness. This glorious pic is of some of the toughest bosses in all Kirby history; seen in new modes- Revenge of the King, Meta Knightmare Ultra, and The True Arena!
Edit: Can you believe this has gotten OVER 3000 Views!?! ^_^ EPIC WIN! Thankyou Everyone, from the bottom of my heart!!!
51 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Meta Knight Unmasked518 viewsKirby: Hmm... do I know you from somewhere? Nah!2 commentsHyper Waddle Dee
++ Revenge of the King Spoilers - This will finally settle our grudge... ++1457 viewsWhoo yeah! Took me a few days but I like the result. After seeing some people "speed paint", I get the strange idea to paint Masked King Dedede. Why the idea popped into my head, is far beyond me now, as I have NEVER drawn Masked King Dedede before and never made a full-portrait Photoshop painting. I probably got a lot of details wrong, and for some reason used his Brawl clothes... but enjoy! (Yes, the hammer perspective is terrible...)5 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Meta Knight Without Mask498 viewsCute right? I think so. I did mention I like Meta Knight a lot...I think.
I think it's so cute when he loses his mask XD
1 commentsMetaLeonidas
Galacta Knight, the puffball!262 viewsI tried imagining what Galacta Knight would look like unmasked, so I drew him half masked, and half unmasked. Whoops, I didn't color the lance... I forgot because I focused so much on the body!!!!!junotoad
Random Kirby's-- Meta Kirby513 viewsSecond in my Random Kirby's series, Meta Kirby.1 commentsKirbyzilla
Pink Breakfast1111 viewswarning: big file

D: a first place request by Dalsifodyas.


it's too long to explain anyway :<
5 commentsRWMVG1DC
Mother 3: Strange, Funny & Heartrending883 viewsOkay, I'm sorry for submitting something not relating to Kirby. ^_^;; I promise not to do it much anymore, but this is one piece that I am quite proud of. I made it a month and a half ago, so the way I draw some things have already changed a little, but oh well.

Mother 3 is one of my favorite games. It has driven me in emotionally and artistically. Be it weird, humorous or teeth-grittingly sad, I've enjoyed the experience immensely.
13 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Darkness lives...444 viewsPicture I made on my DS, using the Colors! drawing software.
IMPORTANT: I've made tutorial to Colors!, which I use to draw with DS. It can be found from Fumu's Tutorial Library in the Forums.
2 commentsGalacta Kirby
Kirby beats Meta Knight1066 viewsThis is my drawing of the scene right after Kirby de-masks Meta Knight. The background is designed after where Kirby and Meta Knight fought for the first time in Kirby's Adventure.4 commentsmetadoo
Schools of Meta Knight1443 viewsClassic two-toned mask from the days of your.

Super Star fancied him up, still awesome. Batwings for maximum badness.

Then, disaster struck with Senior Noodle Arms and his golden leaf of suck. Watch out for his maraca!

I'm a bitter, old man.
4 commentsBimblesnaff
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