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Image search results - "fluff"
Solid Fluff792 viewsDespite my stand point on Epic Yarn, I do appreciate the prince's design. He's the 2P helper who could potentially play the exact same way as Kirby would in KEY, but still manages to avoid being a recolored carbon copy of him.

Drawn mainly because I wanted to see how he looked without the yarn style
1 commentsMinon
Essence of Epic Yarn4509 viewsThe series continues~ #18! Hai! Not even a month after my supposedly final Dai-Essence-Drawing, when out of nowhere (E3) Nintendo throws a Kirve-ball and forces me to come out of retirement! It's a good thing, though, because quite frankly, no one can make a pic like me~ :) This is the moment we haven't known we were waiting for for years; Kirby finally comes to the Wii this fall in traditional 2D side-scrolling fashion!
This may be a little unorthodox/ presumptuous of me, crafting a fan-artwork of a game before it is even released. But this epic news has put me in the creative mood, enough to spend an entire week color-penciling the masterpiece you see before you! I'm sure it is easy to draw the outline-artstyle of KEY on the PC, however, it is infinitely harder when attempting to mimic the same style with traditional media. Especially since the characters are, for the most part, transparent, it is necessary to compose a complete background so no space is left blank. As is clear, I did not copy the new artstyle exclusivly; I also tried to incorporate the Kirby's Adventure commercial and other elements/ looks of Kirby's world. The characters I chose to include were the most recurring in the series, and ones I felt are most deserving of being in the upcoming game. I'll probably end up making another one of these, after the game's officially released, to incorporate the real bosses and whatnot. Just wanted to tide the fans over now because I will undoubtedly be busy later this year working on a certain secret project with a certain artist-elite (who probably now hates me for stalling forever, and who is surely heartbroken from my aloofness... Sumimasen)! Also on an unrelated note, there is the 4D Daimyo Dojo to look forward too, whatever that may be... so, Bye-cha~!
19 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Kirby 'n Gooey590 viewsThey'll always be friends.

Oh, frontpage! Thanks!
4 commentsAero
Yarn'd1386 viewsJust some quick fan art to celebrate. First thing I thought when that trailer came on was "Holy crap, nice colors. Mary Blair would be proud." Hopefully I did them some sort of justice.9 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Kirby Doodles452 viewsI couldn't think of anything to draw... and thus, these many doodles were born. Yes, so anyways, there are other characters around the edges cuz I had nothin' better to draw there. I just drew whatever came to mind, so most of it is pretty random~ Hope you like!2 commentsAero
Crazy Kirby... Thing569 viewsCannot think of a name. This took pretty dang long, but it was well worth it~ For some reason I was whistling the Mother 3 Love theme the whole time I was making this, which is really odd because I don't think it goes along with this at all.Aero
Smiling to Myself343 viewsfluffy_chick21's Apollo~! Thanks for lettin' me draw him!2 commentsAero
Scarfy and Whiskers385 viewsI always thought the two were similar, but, no one ever made a point to it.2 commentsAero
Epic Yarn1184 viewsI WANT! <3
4 commentsHisui
The Three Humanized Heros + Apollo Doll307 viewsYup, yup. I found Apollo~!Aero
De-yarned1252 viewsI like Prince Fluff already. Killer excited for this game. I wonder if they'll both "go back to normal" like at the end of Canvas Curse..12 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Prince Fluff if he wasn't made of yarn313 viewsPrince Fluff inhales a Waddle Dee. He is similar to Kirby, stillKirby Rider
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