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Image search results - "fire"
Fire Kirby ho yeah!1069 viewsits fire kirby what else to say? :P9 commentsmico27
dark fire kirby895 viewsi did this picture in like 5 min so its mostly just a stetch but i like it
please comment
9 commentsskyscraper
Sleepy & Fire Kirby528 viewsKirby from Kirby Air Ride1 commentsmr.yellow
KIRBY FIRE x ENEMIES487 viewsDesenho (lápis sobre sulfite) digitalizado com diversos personagens retirados do jogo "Kirby Air Ride".1 commentsLucas Franco
Fire n ice Meta Knight507 views5 commentsKirby<(*o*)>
Kirby and the Hot Sauce1699 viewsI got inspiration for this one after I tried Tobasco sauce and almost died. I did this one a couple years ago. (Wow. I didn't realize how old it is!) Hope you like it! Please do not claim as your own or use it without permission.14 commentsPink Power
My Ultimate Pokemon Roster724 viewsYeah, no Kirby stuff, but that's because I've been putting all of my energy into finishing this. XD;;;

All of my favorite pokemon of every type. All 17 of them.

Poison: Gengar
Normal: Meowth
Psychic: Mew
Fire: Typhlosion
Rock: Aron
Electric: Raichu
Water: Wartortle
Ground: Larvitar
Ghost: Banette
Steel: Jirachi
Ice: Spheal
Flying: Togetic
Bug: Shedinja
Dark: Umbreon
Grass: Jumpluff
Dragon: Gible
Fighting: Riolu
7 commentsRWMVG1DC
KCCh- Sword models1393 viewsSo Minon gave me the model for Kirby's Sword a while back, and being the type of person that I am, I went crazy with my own wild ideas XD.

Top row: Kirby's sword(modeled by Minon), Fire Sword, Ice Sword, Plasma Sword, Water Sword.

Bottom row(these will prolly just be replacement models): Skythe(Kirbster's Sword), the Master Sword, and a Dark sword of some kind.
3 commentsGBAKirbster2007
Goomer class Verdans(designs by Minon)1306 viewsThe youngest class of Verdans, and also the most varied.
Until a certain point in their growth at this age, it is impossible to tell whether they are male or female. As they get older, they gradually grow a normal body and gain hands like the fully grown Verdans. They cannot keep the ability they were born with naturally after changing classes(with the exception of Mechanic), but they can (and sometimes do) artificially infuse their ability into a weapon that they then use in their new class form. Verdans cannot choose which class they will become, but since most Verdans are naturally happy with the form they change into, there are hardly any that create artificial means for being(or seek to learn how to fight as if they were) in another class.
There are exceptions here too of course, but that will have to wait until I finish some other Verdan pics.
2 commentsGBAKirbster2007
Dream Land's Heroes695 viewsDone in openCanvas 4.5.09e. I really love how the fire came out on Fire Kirby.5 commentsWeen
Gina (Original Lineart by Minon)986 viewsGina is a young Verdan that loves research perhaps more than any other. Her curiousity knows no bounds, and she always carries around her special Pen and Notepad. She was born a Fire Goomer, but has almost fully grown up into a Grapple class Verdan. However, she is very attached to her pyrotechnic roots, and has infused her pen with not only her Fire Ability from her early years, but also enabled it to transform into a Fan to match her Grapple fighting style. She also uses her notepad as a second Fan. She has not yet grown a Grapple's tail yet, and so cannot fight to her full potential, but she is too focused on research to care much anyways.
1 commentsGBAKirbster2007
Dark Fire Matter717 viewsIts Fire Kirby on his warpstar flying away from the Dark Fire Matter3 commentsgigarob_93
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