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Image search results - "cutter"
Emo Cutter Kirby!1060 viewsAlright, I know that cutter kirby already exists, but now he cuts himself rather than enemies!!! :D
Maybe someday this will be a real kirby ability! (although I highly doubt it).
Anyways if people like it I'll make more hilarious kirby abilities!

Note: This is just a joke, I'm not trying to offend emos/cutters.
8 commentsShyGuy
Goomer class Verdans(designs by Minon)1297 viewsThe youngest class of Verdans, and also the most varied.
Until a certain point in their growth at this age, it is impossible to tell whether they are male or female. As they get older, they gradually grow a normal body and gain hands like the fully grown Verdans. They cannot keep the ability they were born with naturally after changing classes(with the exception of Mechanic), but they can (and sometimes do) artificially infuse their ability into a weapon that they then use in their new class form. Verdans cannot choose which class they will become, but since most Verdans are naturally happy with the form they change into, there are hardly any that create artificial means for being(or seek to learn how to fight as if they were) in another class.
There are exceptions here too of course, but that will have to wait until I finish some other Verdan pics.
2 commentsGBAKirbster2007
Sir Kibble Promo937 viewsAhhh Sir Kibble, the classic hollow armor helper and foe that wields the Cutter ability.
Fun fact: when I first played Kirby's Dreamland 2 waaaaaaay back when(lolz) I used to think he was a bird of some sort. 8D;;
Though the quality of old Game boy sprites were mostly to blame for that... ^^;

Anywho, this is yet another promo for the website of our fangame, Kirby Cosmic Chaos.
1 commentsGBAKirbster2007
KCCh - Ripple Star Fairies1995 viewsRipple Star Fairies get to join the fray in KCCh as well. They could be trained with the abilities present from K64: Cutter, Spear(Needle), Bomb, Ice, Plasma(Spark), Fire(Burning), and Quake(Stone).

I will hopefully be able to talk about how we go about with species specific abilities for helpers soon.
2 commentsMinon
Halloween Kibble1070 viewsPumpkin Armor with Guillotine Cutter Blade.

Very quick sketch done in Sai.

Happy Halloween
3 commentsMinon
Gyron935 viewsMy mini-boss entry to the interactive fandom contest! I wasn't thinking when I made it and accidently made it actual size rather than something worth viewing, so I may redo it later. You can get three abilities from him, depending on whether you swallow an attack or Gyron himself. They are Tornado, Yo-yo, and cutter.

Dang, the colors look messed up. I know it was saved as .png, so why does it look like a .jpg? Oh wel, .the hat is supposed to be gray and the yo-yo red. The rest look okay.
3 commentssuperyoshi888
Cutter Promo638 viewsCutter stars as a common ability in Kirby and the Dark Heart. Cutter would include many more moves like all other abilities, and would also include the cutter beam from the anime. Cutter would not include final cutter though. Final Cutter would be with the sword ability.

Also, incase nobody noticed, I used a different style for this. I used markers, hoping that the colors would turn out brighter, and give it a more childish crayon feel, from my favorite game, Kirby's Dreamland 3.

And wow!!! My first front page!!!
7 commentsTheorizer
Kopy Abilities --- Sword1685 viewsFirst in my series of "Kopy Abilities" I will doing art for each and every copy ability that has EVER appeared in a Kirby game.7 commentsKirazy
Kopy Abilities --- Cutter1634 viewsMeh. I've never been a big fan of cutter, but it's been around for a while, so I made a "kopy ability" for Cutter anyways.

And check it out! A cameo appearance from Whispy Woods! Kirby... back off from whispy with that.
10 commentsKirazy
Kopy Abilities --- Needle1730 viewsBigger and Better! I thought that I should make the picture larger, so you can see each pose better. I think Paint was to small, so it looked a tad blurry. I think I went a bit overboard with the Waddle Dee in this one. Sheild your eyes, squeamish!8 commentsKirazy
Rejected If's287 viewsKo(Pronounced Koh) and Stilt 'n' Change.they were rejected. see if you can guess which one they were in (different for both)Airride_Master
Kopy Abilities --- Water1996 viewsWater, an Anime exclusive ability, possibally to appear in Kirby Wii, is another of Kirby's elemental tiara abilities. I love the swirly design of water! I think it's great! In the pic I included Bubboo, Bubble head, and the Gansan-like tri-droplets that will appear in Kirby Wii as the Water Helper. Also, I included Bubble as part of water, because they're basically the same. I also included the Copy Palet, due to it's similarities with the Bubble Ability. Search for the blank spot~!

And Holy Frijoles! A double front page! I'm so gracious!!!
12 commentsKirazy
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