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Image search results - "candy"
Kirby with Candy1137 viewsYum Yum16 commentsAnimalCrosser5
Yay! Candy.397 viewsThis is my first time on photoshop. I hope it turns out okay and not blurry.4 commentsOniKabii
Meta Christmas1108 views:3

Original description here.

The bows might make him slightly more girly, but it makes me slightly more gigglish.
I would definitely have him wear this like everyday if I could in Brawl. :C
And hey! Is that Present Kirby I spy?

Tutorial for coloring this here:
7 commentsRWMVG1DC
A Brief Candy Break612 viewsYes. I went with the stereotypical hyper Kirby joke. I'm getting anticipatory about Kirby Super Star Ultra, give me a break, okay?!

For the record, in my... erm... classified fan-relationship, most people just call King Dedede "Your Majesty" or "Your Highness". Kirby, however, calls him "King Dedede" when he first sees him in the morning, and "Dedede" for the rest of the day.
4 commentsNanabobo
The Eccentric and Hyper Waddle Dee!453 viewsOr "Hyper Waddle Dee" for short. Sorry if the background is too busy! Done in MS Paint.2 commentsHyper Waddle Dee
My friggin' CANDY!673 viewsWell, everyone knows Mety has some candy in his room, according to anime.
So, what happens when Kirby realizes that? Somebody's bit furious...

Originally drawn into my schoolbook. My Finnish-teacher is SO gonna love this, don't you think?

Drawn with Colors! homebrew for DS.
2 commentsGalacta Kirby
Candy crazed Metaknight347 viewsThis is the reason why Metaknight never get invinsable candy. If he gets it he will lose all senses and start slicing everything in his way wether it be friendly or not. Remember never give candy to Metaknight!KITT345
Metaknight's idea of a happy Christmas295 viewsIt seems that anytime with candy is a good, happy time for Metaknight

We must'nt let him near the advant calenders or else he will eat them all!
Kirby at Candy Mountain433 viewsYeah, I was just bored and listening to the "Candy Mountain" stage song in Kirby Super star. I know that the stage doesn't actually have candy in it, I just felt like adding that feature. xD
I hope you like it!
1 commentsPK Warpstar
Dedede's Latest Plan264 viewsDedede is trying a different tactic to capture Kirby...

Sorry for the lack of recent uploads.
2 commentsmama luigi
KIRBY EASTER CANDY462 viewsSorry this isn't fan art and sorry it isn't really an easter picture but I just got back from my Easter vacation
and also been busy with a lot of other things including my comics. But when I was looking through my Easter candy
I found this gummy that looks like Kirby, but... don't ask me about the bottom/feet because I don't know....
1 commentsDestructo-Knight
Sweet Soldier308 viewsAn old pic I found. Yeah, Kirby sure loves his candy, let alone food...Aero
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