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Image search results - "blender"
Toon Link Kirby727 viewsA pic I made of kirby using a 'toon shading' technique. Now I'am using Blender: Yeah!1 commentsSir Kirby
Kirby and Waddle Dee1237 viewsBlender4 commentsAdol
Waddle Dee Army1798 views11 commentsAdol
Zero Two and Waddle Dee1690 viewsA lost waddle dee waddles to a pond to drink water. But suddenly, a shadow looms overhead. Startled, the waddle dee glances up and finds that the shadow belongs to Zero Two.16 commentsAdol
Brawl: Kirby, Lucas, Metaknight and Ness661 viewsThese are my favorites characters in Brawl. Actually, they are from my favorites series too! I hope you like the pic. (Now I am kind of sick of modeling figurines, this took me more time that expected)
All the stuff was made in Blender 2.45, including the logos.
4 commentsSir Kirby
Chilly On Ice1277 viewsWinter is leaving,
Signaled by the melting pond.
Spring will blossom soon!
6 commentsAdol
Parasol Knight1033 viewsMy entry for the Interactive Fandom Knight Recruitment contest≈! The description is in the IF Knights page. Models made in Blender, and Photoshop used for background and titles.4 commentsAdol
IF Fan Knights1433 views(Left to Right) Mortar Knight, Razor Knight, Voulge Knight, Whip Knight(1), Skewer Knight, Wood Knight, Shock Knight (below), Ripsaw Knight, Parasol Knight (above), Nunchaku Knight, and Hammer Knight.

For the IF Knights Contest.
9 commentsAdol
Knight-time992 views6 commentsAdol
Waddle Doo in a Field1238 viewsI guess I'll upload this. I wanted the grass a little lighter but I made progress with Waddle Doo's model; I gave him a skeleton so he can pose and learned how to create an eye.7 commentsAdol
Beaming Waddle Doo1124 views5 commentsAdol
Star Blocks for Cereal Advertisement1826 viewsThis is a poster of an item that could be likely to appear in Dreamland grocery stores, maybe.14 commentsAdol
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