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Image search results - "big"
You just... DITCHED me back there!1335 viewsThis picture is based off the cutscene introduction to my favorite stage in Kirby's Dream Land 2: Big Forest! Brings back kindergarten memories... The name of this piece comes from Mallow's line to Mario in Super Mario RPG, when preparing to fight Bowyer. Also, this MAY be for the Songbook I am making, if I ever put words to the Big Forest theme, but I may not, which is why I am submitting it to my regular album. Coo basically sacrificed Kirby for the apple--but which would you pick, the apple or Kirby?9 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Zero Plus Zero849 viewsThe superest stage of Zero is a combination of all prior, 0+0, because they ran out of exponents -- and all of them were three!
It seems like everyone and their cousin's dog has their own fan form for 03. 'Tis an easy progression to see and has been done innumerable times and will be innumerably more. As a drawing, sure, but it seems an uninspired and lazy out as a antagonist for a fan series.

Absolution: Use a name that will only appear in another's work by coincedence or blatant plagarism.
3 commentsMints
Final Abilities2042 viewsI feauture each Final Ability, (excluding Crystal Shard/Ribbon) with a hat! I hope you like it!

Argh... this took wayyy too long to do... But I think the end result was totally worth it!

My apologies to aru, I see you have also made a similar picture. I hope you forgive me!
13 commentsKirazy
Flool1130 viewsMy entry to the IF contest. You can read about him when he gets in.
Actually, I doubt this guy's getting in, so I'll probably delete this pic. If he does get in, I won't though.
3 commentsKirazy
Big Box331 viewsJonokirby's entry in the Oversized Opponent IF Contest.

This one had been without a picture for a while, so I sketched this out. There really wasn't much description to work off of though, beyond the fact that he "looks like a box."
Oversized Opponent IF Contest - Bulbig342 viewsGBContro!'s entry from the latest IF contest. It's kind of cute, for what amounts to Plasma Wisp as a light bulb with magnets for hands.MonoKrome
Oversized Opponent IF Contest - Biggupine325 viewsJDLJDL's entry from the newest IF contest. It's a Grizzo, except it's covered in spikes. Despite its inherent unoriginality, I decided to draw it anyway.MonoKrome
Oversized Opponent IF Contest - Big Smile364 viewsmrgameandpie's entry from the latest IF contest. It's a creature with big eyes and bigger teeth that tries to bite you, and can also make the room brighter (but that makes it dizzy). Since it shows up in dark places, I put it on a dark background with low-contrast colors.MonoKrome
Waddly doddly doo208 viewsHere you go, waddledoo something, you with a singlet.pcfan
Big Mouth183 viewsYep, that's his english name, big mouth. As you can see, he can split his head in to to reveal a, well, big mouth. He can devour foes with this gaping gob of his, and that is his main way of attack.ghostmetaknight
The Rod of Stars Shall Lead the Way!404 viewsMy most professional and one of my best art pieces yet! Slightly inspired by DeDeDe Daimyo's Essence Of Series. Done in pencil, outlined in black marker, colored in colored pencil, and slightly edited on iphoto to make it brighter. And avert your gaze from my horrible Nightmere Wizard, it may give you nightmeres, literally! 2 commentsghostmetaknight
Payback Time511 viewsAnd you thought they were harmless.3 commentsDarkmattersamurai
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