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Image search results - "amazing"
Happy Anniversary, Kirby!1474 views*FULLVIEW PLOX*

Here's to 15 years of floating, sliding, ducking, inhaling, copying, and expelling that which cannot be copied! :D

...Oh, and that thing Kirby does in KSS where he shoots out helper-killing stardust from his armpits. Wicked.
23 commentsRat
Kirby's Cell Phone1699 viewsKirby's cell phone can promote all sorts of jokes. 6 commentsGeneric Keroro fan
4 kirbys503 viewsThis is my drawing based on Amazing mirror.1 commentsyellowkirby
Essence of Amazing Mirror6223 views8th in my "Essence of" series. I'm back on track with Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, his final game for the GBA. Truthfully, this is about the only Kirby game I have yet to play, but that doesn't stop me from capturing its essence, hm? Anyway, from what I've read, this GCO-like game has Kirby journey about the Mirror Kingdom after Dark Meta Knight splits him into four entities. In the end, Kirby rescues the real MK and uses his sword to bring down the hodgepodge, Darkmind. The game's bosses are all shown here.17 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Play With the Stars329 viewsAn oekaki thing. Cute, eh? pichupikapi
Final Abilities2092 viewsI feauture each Final Ability, (excluding Crystal Shard/Ribbon) with a hat! I hope you like it!

Argh... this took wayyy too long to do... But I think the end result was totally worth it!

My apologies to aru, I see you have also made a similar picture. I hope you forgive me!
13 commentsKirazy
Four Kirbys1030 viewsNormally I won't upload much stuff that I've made from the oekaki, but I've been struggling to create good artwork recently, and I'm in a rut, so I'll be presenting some of my old pictures from the oekaki.

Of course, this is Kirby calling upon his duplicate pals to help him.
5 commentsKirazy
The Amazing Pink Terror1639 viewsA little older now, but colour-edited.x3 Now I really like it.:3 Hope you like it; or them as well~<310 commentsHisui
Mirror to the Skies404 viewsCollab with hou-drawer and Hoeru-Okami on iScribble! :> This was really fun, guys. [link]

I drew the Pink and Yellow Kirbys, Hoeru-Okami and I did the sky, shou-drawer drew the Red, Green and Shadow Kirbys.

Then shou-drawer and I did the Mirror together. :>
Ringaling116 viewsCreated May 24, 2018Micue Kirby
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