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Image search results - "SNES"
Simple Wonders....1273 viewsKirby Super Star Ultra is supreme! I got my copy a few days ago, it's just plain amazing. (One picture on the gallery by an artist of a forgotten name, pardon me, drew a picture that reminds me of how me and my little brother keep fighting over turns.)

Sooo... yeah. Marx is one of my favorite Kirby villians ever, the Squeaks are close. Simple picture, but I'm kinda proud since I have only done "3-D styled coloring" a couple times before. ^_^ Sorry for not submitting in a long time.
3 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Ado Color Test1313 viewsYeah, another overly simplistic Ado/Adeleine (they're the same in my opinion). Practing opacity usage in PhotoShop, not sure if it came out too good.6 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Size Matters - Geno and Mallow636 viewsHello everyone. You guys probably know that, I am probably not going to take on a full "break" like I did last time, but I won't be submitting QUITE as often... something just sorta fell through. I will still be commenting a lot, but I want to ready a lot of nice art to upload so I can give you more frequent art updates! KRR has really had me drawing lately, and so I'll be seeing you again soon enough. <3 I've already got some cool new ideas for art, so, au revoir.5 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Dizzy Kirby248 viewsI made this my first drawing to upload here it's clear it isn't the best but I don't think it's the worst either. I don't think... By the way I made the background look messy since I wanted it to look like kirby's rrreeeaaalllyyy dizzy.SNES Kirby
Einstein Kirby w/ tie, Buisnessman Kirby, Fighter Dedede, Einstein Kirby w/out tie, and Boxer Kirby384 viewsThere's two Einsteins because I drew him again because I failed at drawing hair.
Top - Top- Einstein Kirby w/ tie, Bottom - Buisnessman Kirby, Bottom Left - Fighter Dedede, Bottom Right - Top - Einstein Kirby w/out tie, Bottom - Boxer Kirby
Little Marx737 viewsCute little Marx, plotting to take over the world :)3 commentsmetadoo
Classic Meta Knight549 viewsShading practice?
enjoy :D
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