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Image search results - "Ness"
Don't look at my nakedness!1559 viewsPLEASE don't comment about how he's not REALLY naked. D: I know, he's just armorless.

I was just bored. :-P I'd think Meta Knight would have some issues with being completely exposed.
20 commentsRWMVG1DC
Slashing Through the Darkness691 viewsWell, first picture here~ 8D; *Nervous look* >:

Ummm... I've been looking at art here for a while now, but I've only just worked up the confidence to join and post something I like. ^^;

I hope it's okay~ O: There's so many good artists here, so I'm kind of nervous... XD;
8 commentsMireiyu
Galaxia Darkness479 viewsGalaxia Darkness, Meta Knight's Final Smash from SSBB.1 commentstorkirby
LEGO ROCKY583 viewsFor the big celebration of Kirby super star ultra! I decided to make some more lego Kirby models
This model has actually been sittin on my shelf for who knows how long!
2 commentsskyscraper
LEGO CHILLY609 viewsThis is one of my favorite lego models. You cant see very well but he's supposed to be in a little snowy diorama type thing :)
I made a lego capsule J but... I broke and just couldn't be fixed ... like meta knight "sob"
3 commentsskyscraper
LEGO Bomber595 viewsIts lego bomber !!! 5 commentsskyscraper
Ness Kirby788 viewsA pic of Ness Kirby executing a PK Thunder attack. Please, write comments.4 commentsSir Kirby
Sadness984 viewsThe emotions series gets off to a start. This piece expresses sorrow, a feeling people don't typically enjoy but, strangely, after crying, you feel a bit refreshed, don't you think? Unfortunately for 02, he can only cry blood...9 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Can you handle it?! -- Fear940 viewsCan you handle the darkness? Fear is an overpowering feeling. The greater majority of people really don't enjoy feeling it, but everyone likes a good scare! ...Sometimes. I'm gonna steal a line from the song Pollyanna and say you can call me as crazy as a loon, but I think Marx (in all forms) is a cutie. I mean, in a macabre-horror style way, but still!8 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
I can't tell you how I feel - Blankness884 viewsA vaguely Asian-inspired drawing on what appears to be "textured paper", although I drew and colored it in Photoshop. Strangely enough, this picture shows a bit of who I am, I guess you could say. On the inside, at least. Blankness... a bit of an awkward feeling. Maybe there's something you've been itching to get off your mind, but you don't know how to say it?11 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Brawl: Kirby, Lucas, Metaknight and Ness692 viewsThese are my favorites characters in Brawl. Actually, they are from my favorites series too! I hope you like the pic. (Now I am kind of sick of modeling figurines, this took me more time that expected)
All the stuff was made in Blender 2.45, including the logos.
4 commentsSir Kirby
Darkness lives...430 viewsPicture I made on my DS, using the Colors! drawing software.
IMPORTANT: I've made tutorial to Colors!, which I use to draw with DS. It can be found from Fumu's Tutorial Library in the Forums.
2 commentsGalacta Kirby
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