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Image search results - "Mini"
Mr. frosty's ice cube1491 viewsIf you think about it, so many of the things Kirby puts in his mouth are gross. I tried to draw Smirror. I failed.3 commentsGeneric Keroro fan
End of level game.1395 viewsThis one is one of my favourites. Kirby can go through so many platforms. (though I guess clouds make sense) I didn't shade this one.2 commentsGeneric Keroro fan
Kracko bonus stage 21549 viewsI chose Rick to deliver the punch line. I'm not sure why. I am pleased with how the bomb hat turned out.4 commentsGeneric Keroro fan
Kracko bonus stage 11601 viewsI noticed Kirby just bounces when he gets hit by food. Shouldn't it be more messy?5 commentsGeneric Keroro fan
Aureus - Copy Miniboss1115 viewsOriginally, this was supposed to be the big bad for an artPG (collaborative comic) in this gallery. It was to steal powers, constantly improving itself and changing it's appearance. (It actually only appeared like this for a page or two.)
However, try as I might, I couldn't get the first page done. No, not because of laziness; I actually COULDN'T draw it. Every attempt actually got worse and worse.

Now, I suspect this thing will just wind up in Bimblesnaff's IF Miniboss Mayhem with the Copy copy-ability
5 commentsMints
Waiyu Ninja Squad4598 viewsThis is my next entry into Bimblesnaff's Fan-Creation Contest: Make Your Own Miniboss! It is a clan of ninja from the Kirby games, consisting of BioShasen (Biospark), SirKabuto (Sir Kibble), KaparKatta (Kapar), and MoyaTaru (an origional character). Finally, it is all headed by the leader, Ninja Master Waiyu (a gussied-up version of the KDL2 miniboss). This entry is not for voting, as I have already won the first contest. Check 'em out!8 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Fright-Light4411 viewsThis is my second entry in Bimblesnaff's second Fan-Creation contest. This time, the character is totally original (mostly) and took a lot of thought to both design and plan moves for, so I would guess that it would be a good candidate for voting. I thought about not officially entering another, as I had won the first contest already, but I have reconcidered since this came out so well. This miniboss is based on the Chochin-Obake Tsukumogami from Japanese folklore, and rewards Kirby with the Light Ability.8 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Gooey Against Moogong1192 viewsWhen your best friend is kidnapped... the only thing you have left is revenge! And a sword... and no shirt!

When I decided to make a real entry for the miniboss creation contest, I got to thinkin', and that is a terrible thing for me to do. An idea popped into my head of old video game box art, which invariably featured a barbarian guy wielding a sword, no matter what the game was about.

So, here's Gooey the Shirtless against new ice miniboss Moogong. Yes, I said Ice.

Play now!
8 commentsMints
Gyron914 viewsMy mini-boss entry to the interactive fandom contest! I wasn't thinking when I made it and accidently made it actual size rather than something worth viewing, so I may redo it later. You can get three abilities from him, depending on whether you swallow an attack or Gyron himself. They are Tornado, Yo-yo, and cutter.

Dang, the colors look messed up. I know it was saved as .png, so why does it look like a .jpg? Oh wel, .the hat is supposed to be gray and the yo-yo red. The rest look okay.
3 commentssuperyoshi888
Tear (for the create a miniboss contest)1004 viewsYeah, he's Tear. You can read about him in the If You Could section of Rainbow resort. I really like the Bubble Shake move.8 commentsTheorizer
J Pacc538 viewsJ Pacc is my mini-boss for the "Create a Miniboss" contest you can read all about him HERE.

Wait I don't know how to make links. Oh well. You know where to read about him.
2 commentsThe New Guy
Tornatail495 viewsMy second miniboss. Once again, you can read about him HERE:

Oh right... I still don't know how to make links.
1 commentsThe New Guy
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