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Image search results - "Mario"
Oekaki - Mario and Kirby1378 viewsMario is giving his hat to Kirby.
I drew it because I love those two characters. :D
I hope you like it. ^^
16 commentsAiky
is that mario or a little pink puffball826 viewsmario is in a shorty.when you mix mario and kirby you get total caohs.clasic mario finds kirby coming out of a pipe and lets not forget prinsess peach.8 commentsdark kirby9875
crazy town!!!1286 viewsthis is the crazist town in the'v gota see know you want 2.
mwahahahaha!!this has mega man,kirby,pokemon and many other pepole,
includeing a new and vary spetial plese look at this crazy and totaly
insane know you want 2.gwehehehehehahahahaha! im crazy.haha.
15 commentsdark kirby9875
Banzai Bill Kirby625 viewsKirby swallows a Banzai Bill!Whoa!

4 commentskirby123
Kirby Kart951 views... he was confused by the use of a steering wheel. 14 commentschristoph.erixon
Wrong Game, Kirby...T_T414 viewsLooks like Kirby got a little mixed commentskirby123
Channel 1 - Mario Info Channel288 viewsI'm thinking about creating a little something called Video Game TV. It'll be about video game characters taking over TV. So the Rabbids are done messing with TV...or are they?

Here's Channel 1 - the Mario Info Channel. Sorry about the sloppy hat.
The Narrow Escape538 viewsBOOM! The Mach Bike blows up, flinging Daisy in front, resulting in minor injuries, and cuts that hurt like the dickens. She looks cross to see that her bike exploded. One of my favorite drawings.2 commentsjunotoad
Geno slightly altered452 viewsFor anybody seeing this, do not complain. It's Geno, but less puppet-like. The mouth is completly altered.

Mario: 0_0; ... His eyes are so... so big...
13 commentsA Kirby and his Cheese
Size Matters - Geno and Mallow636 viewsHello everyone. You guys probably know that, I am probably not going to take on a full "break" like I did last time, but I won't be submitting QUITE as often... something just sorta fell through. I will still be commenting a lot, but I want to ready a lot of nice art to upload so I can give you more frequent art updates! KRR has really had me drawing lately, and so I'll be seeing you again soon enough. <3 I've already got some cool new ideas for art, so, au revoir.5 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Thwomp Kirby811 viewsWhat if Kirby swallowed a Thwomp from the Mario series?2 commentsmetadoo
13-Year Celebration!864 viewsWell, I was particularly proud of this one, so I decided to upload it ^^; It's an early (anniversary is on May 15th) picture I made to celebrate Super Mario RPG's 13th anniversary (13 is not a special number, but I wasn't a fan by time the tenth anniversary was celebrated). Sooo... here you are.

Edit: Wow!! I am very shocked and happy to see this reach the front page!! Thank you all VERY much who have supported me throughout the time I have drawn here, KRR. You're all the best! ^_^
3 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
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