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Image search results - "Legend"
The legend of Sword Kirby: Muffin of Time1080 viewsI used the technique that my Art teacher taught me again. This picture is what it looks like, it's from a scene in Ocarina of time but instead of Link I've used Sword Kirby. I added things like the Master Sword and the gloves to make it look more legend-of-Zeldary. Hope you all like it!13 commentsSonamus
The legend of Sword Kirby1015 viewsI used squares to help me make it more spritey. It's based on The legend of Zelda, you know the first one?8 commentsSonamus
The legend of Sword Kirby: Twilight Tomato1172 viewsHere's another loSK to add to my growing art series. It took a while to colour Wolf Sword Kirby in but it was worth it, I'm pretty proud of this picture and I personally think it's better than my other loSK pictures (so far) but it's not about me, what do you think?14 commentsSonamus
Twilight tomato - MORE art?846 viewsSorry about not putting anything here for a while, this picture is based on some of the 'Twilight Princess' art, Enjoy!5 commentsSonamus
Kirby and Stafy759 viewsIf Kirby was meant to be a star, he would be Stafy!
Their games are similar, they're both simple yet great characters and they're both little babys!.
And most importantly....they are both cute!!
>^.^> <(^.^<)
8 commentssilverlunar777
The Legend Of Kirby827 viewsI draw this in the Oekaki, but I disconnected from the internet and had to printscreen it =P.2 commentssilverlunar777
Wind Waker Adeleine2037 viewsWhoo, first upload! This is The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker styled Adeleine. Enjoy!

[Note: I am not actually AnimeKittyCafe, but that is my friend, who lets me use her account instead. I usually go by Lei.]
10 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Oni Kirby406 viewsThis isn't a new ability, but is something I wanted to draw. As Kirby is a Japanese game series, the games make many references to Japanese legends and culture. Oni Kirby is no different.1 commentssuperyoshi888
Size Matters - Geno and Mallow636 viewsHello everyone. You guys probably know that, I am probably not going to take on a full "break" like I did last time, but I won't be submitting QUITE as often... something just sorta fell through. I will still be commenting a lot, but I want to ready a lot of nice art to upload so I can give you more frequent art updates! KRR has really had me drawing lately, and so I'll be seeing you again soon enough. <3 I've already got some cool new ideas for art, so, au revoir.5 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Anti-Kirby in Colors!532 viewsAnti-Kirby is a fairly obscure character - only because he doesn't even appear in a Kirby game! His two appearances were in Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening and its GBC remake. He may resemble Kirby, but don't let his cute appearance fool you. He is really an enemy! He doesn't seem to be able to copy abilities, but he can inhale Link and spit him out. His color scheme is similar to Kirby's in Kirby's Adventure when Kirby has a copy ability.

I'm not a fan of the LoZ series, but I do like the games.
Kirby and the legendary swords483 viewsThis my fan game Kirby and the legendary swords. And these are just ideas not actual fan games.So this game is about a strange person in a cloak trying to steal all the legendary swords in order to gain great amounts of power so that he can control the universe. When Kirby and his friends find out about this they must stop him and seek out the wielders of the legendary swords before the man in the cloak called the Shadow Shaman and his assistant Mira get to the wielders and the swords first.1 commentsDestructo-Knight
13-Year Celebration!864 viewsWell, I was particularly proud of this one, so I decided to upload it ^^; It's an early (anniversary is on May 15th) picture I made to celebrate Super Mario RPG's 13th anniversary (13 is not a special number, but I wasn't a fan by time the tenth anniversary was celebrated). Sooo... here you are.

Edit: Wow!! I am very shocked and happy to see this reach the front page!! Thank you all VERY much who have supported me throughout the time I have drawn here, KRR. You're all the best! ^_^
3 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
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