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Image search results - "Fan"
Cuby1082 viewsA pic I drew in the KRR oekaki. It's my sister's fan character, Cuby. Not much else to say, really.14 commentsShine
Beast's fang.1602 viewsMy second favourite comic. The beast was something I drew on paper and scanned in.7 commentsGeneric Keroro fan
Aborin516 viewsAborin comes from a "primitive" tribe of islanders. He seeks help from Kirby to save his people from the minions of a Great Evil that has conquered half the planet.

5 commentsKinu DeMir
MWAH812 viewsxCrazyxForxChibisx's original character, Hirby and Fang. Kirby is in the background freaking out. xD

I decided to go ahead and upload all of my other recent drawings. Thank you KRR team for putting me on the front page! ;A; <3
7 commentsRWMVG1DC
Grapple class Verdans(designs by Minon)1027 viewsThe Grapple class, compared to other Verdans, are somewhat small, only slightly taller than Kirby himself. While Garde have armor, and Goros are bulky, Grapples are unique in that they are the only Verdans with tails. They are also the fastest Verdans, both movement and attack wise. Although, of course, they are not very strong nor resilient to damage. As such, they are mainly stationed as foot soldiers and make up a decent chunk of the Verdan Army.
Male Grapples use the Fighter ability, Females use Fan.
1 commentsGBAKirbster2007
Gina (Original Lineart by Minon)973 viewsGina is a young Verdan that loves research perhaps more than any other. Her curiousity knows no bounds, and she always carries around her special Pen and Notepad. She was born a Fire Goomer, but has almost fully grown up into a Grapple class Verdan. However, she is very attached to her pyrotechnic roots, and has infused her pen with not only her Fire Ability from her early years, but also enabled it to transform into a Fan to match her Grapple fighting style. She also uses her notepad as a second Fan. She has not yet grown a Grapple's tail yet, and so cannot fight to her full potential, but she is too focused on research to care much anyways.
1 commentsGBAKirbster2007
Final Fantasy Meta-Knight formes900 viewsI have to spell form with a 'e' thanks to Pokemon now. T.T

This was my contest entry for the Alternate Universe/ Brawl Contest over the MetaKnightClub on DeviantArt. <3
1 commentsRWMVG1DC
Chu Chu Pre-Official Art724 viewsI'm trying to get a feel for the style. Note that the Wind Waker-styled Adeleine has nothing to do with the project (although Adeleine will be involved at one point).

Anyway, I might as well explain the Fountain of Dreams Project now. Basically a future fan game similar to EarthBound with various Kirby characters. Though I'm giving it the name of Fountain of Dreams project, it is untitled for now. I am already working on sprites, but I just started. Let's just say you won't see it till 2015. D:
6 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Game Preview Screen Shot BETA #1978 viewsIs it okay to post sprites on some occasions too? These are all custome except for the background. If so, the game will use a MOTHER3-like battle system. I am already going to write the script when I can. Phan Phan is a boss in the game. Another new feature is Call, where Kirby uses his Cell Phone to get back up from other friends. I may soon take character submissions to appear as an NPC in the game, too. Maybe the game will come a couple years sooner than 2015. ;)3 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
KCCh - Ripple Star Fairies1995 viewsRipple Star Fairies get to join the fray in KCCh as well. They could be trained with the abilities present from K64: Cutter, Spear(Needle), Bomb, Ice, Plasma(Spark), Fire(Burning), and Quake(Stone).

I will hopefully be able to talk about how we go about with species specific abilities for helpers soon.
2 commentsMinon
KCCh - Spear Fairy1289 viewsThis actually was done before the fairy ability pic. Wanted to see how well I could draw in this style, then it linked to a little spree afterwards. Took about 3 hrs, but I'm pretty happy with the outcome.2 commentsMinon
Lightning and Kirby834 viewsLightning squishing Kirby.

Promo for my movie Kirby Sucks 40
2 commentsMitaKnight
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