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Image search results - "Enemy"
TAC211 viewsThis is a quick sketch of TAC I did from memory after playing Super Star Ultra. It's probably a little blurry because I took I picture of it with my webcam. Oh well. I'm still pretty proud of it. Especially my idea to give the little guy a blue print background of his stealy-hand.Doctor Autopsy
Bobbal, New Design592 viewsI made Bobbal an ADORABLE little puppy-like creature, with his new tail, new smile, new ears, new hands, and new feet and bodyshape. Please tell me if you like this cute version of Bobbal better.8 commentsTheorizer
Gibi, New Design451 viewsI tried to make Gibi look abit more different than Prank, so I made his horns different, I gave him a big tongue, I gave him a tail, and I gave him bigger wings, along with a differnet color. Tell me what you think! Is Gibi 1 better, or is Gibi 2 better? Please comment!2 commentsTheorizer
Scarfy Concept Art602 viewsWhat's a faster way to ruin an image than picking up a nib pen for the first time in a year? Picking up a brush for the first time in years on the same picture. Fortunately, like the bag o' confidence I am, I scanned the pre-painted so that something could be saved, no matter how little that may be.
Scarfy -- an enemy on my short list -- in his Hyde mode, which is significantly more snarly than he appears in the real games.
8 commentsMints
Poppy Sis - More Art937 viewsI drew Poppy Sis holding the ring ability, along with my own fan idea of Poppy Sis riding a panda named Grizza, (her version of Grizzo). I hope you like my idea KCCH!4 commentsKirazy
Mortar - for the create a knight contest937 viewsMortar! You can read about him HERE. Bimblesnaff, please put a link to this on the Knights of the Round Table submitted page! Thanks a ton, Uncle Gobbo!2 commentsTheorizer
Whip Knight1460 viewsIt's Whip Knight for the Create a Knight contest! You can read about him in the Create a Knight Contest. I apologize for this previosly being uploaded by Theorizer. Theorizer's a friends of mine, and he was using my computer, so I forgot to log out. Anyways, yeah, it's Whip Knight.5 commentsKirazy
Bomb Knight (II)520 viewsIF Entry by 888chilly

Other than a helmet and "cameo," this one had nil to go from, so I gave it as little body as possible -- none. I also gave it a wick to at least look like its namesake.
The camouflage turned out nearly invisible with overlay, which I had to use because of how heavily it was penciled. Luckily, this one isn't even a knight so no body cares. 'Snaff used a recycled pic for it originally.
Knuckles Knight1588 viewsMy If Submission. You can read all about him at the "If you could create a Red Knight" Contest. I think he turned out pretty cool!4 commentsKirazy
Scythe Knight899 viewsI know... a little late... but anyways, Bimblesnaff, if you'd please put this picture up on the page, I'd be very greatful! Thanks!5 commentsMeta
Darkness Knight603 viewsPersonally, I found this one was riddled with flaws, but I drew him anyways.3 commentsMeta
Hi-Jump594 viewsNZ with Hi-Jump3 commentsTheorizer
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