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Image search results - "Air"
Kirby Wings & Icy340 viewsKirby from Kirby Air Ride2 commentsmr.yellow
Sleepy & Fire Kirby493 viewsKirby from Kirby Air Ride1 commentsmr.yellow
Kirby Tornado & Spark586 viewsIt's Kirby5 commentsmr.yellow
Sword Kirby545 viewskyaa!!!4 commentsmr.yellow
Wheelie Race1331 viewsMeta Knight's in the lead with his souped up Wheelie, but Kirby's catching up - and he's quite happy about it!

The Wheelie in the foreground gave me a lot of trouble.
15 commentsDynablade
Hydra...Hold on Kirby!881 viewsKirby is riding the fastest and strongest of all the air ride machines: The Hydra. I wonder why... at the moment.... it seems that almost nobody have added art of this amazing 'legendary machine'.It is my favorite...7 commentsSir Kirby
It feels like me on a good day865 views*sigh* It's been too long since I've been on oekaki last. =\

Title is based on song I was listening to.
3 commentsRWMVG1DC
soup knights1039 viewsInspired by Dal's comic 47.

I'm mad that KRR art gallery doesn't allow images bigger than 20000pixel height. :C Sorry if it's all screwy, because MS Paint pixels do not resize well.
5 commentsRWMVG1DC
KCCh - Ripple Star Fairies1952 viewsRipple Star Fairies get to join the fray in KCCh as well. They could be trained with the abilities present from K64: Cutter, Spear(Needle), Bomb, Ice, Plasma(Spark), Fire(Burning), and Quake(Stone).

I will hopefully be able to talk about how we go about with species specific abilities for helpers soon.
2 commentsMinon
KCCh - Spear Fairy1250 viewsThis actually was done before the fairy ability pic. Wanted to see how well I could draw in this style, then it linked to a little spree afterwards. Took about 3 hrs, but I'm pretty happy with the outcome.2 commentsMinon
Celestial Valley771 viewsHey, my name's Plasma Friend. I'm new to the gallery, so I hope to make many friends here.

I saw this one guy draw this really cool picture of Kirby: Super Star Ultra, so I thought I'd try to draw a pic with the kind of style he used. This is the result.

Why did I choose Celestial Valley? That's my favorite coarse in Kirby:Airride. Why the Wheelie Scooter? That's my favorite vehicle. Why the green Kirby? I like green. Hope you enjoy :)
5 commentsPlasma Friend
KCCh? - Dryad Fairy831 viewsI'm in an artsy mood lately :p

As suggested by MegaWarp, a try at a Wood Ability Fairy, a Dryad.

This design doesn't quite have the touch that the other fairies have, but then again Wood Ability itself is not in K64 like the other Abilities a Fairy can use anyways. Not absolutely sure if we'll have her in.

Ah well, I do feel happy with the coloring though.

Wood Ability and Dryad Fairy was designed by the KCCh team
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