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Image search results - "Adventure"
Sparkster404 viewsAs much as I wish it were so, this is not for KCCh. However, merely to keep myself from getting rusty at modeling, I went and modeled one of my favorite (yet sadly neglected) video game characters. Sparkster, originally starring in the Sega Genesis game Rocket Knight Adventures, later in two sequels, confusingly both named after himself despite being on the Genesis and SNES and being completely different story/locale wise. I played the SNES version of Sparkster first, back when I was 8 or so, and I loved itGBAKirbster2007
Rainbow Resort963 viewsDrawn at the Oekaki.3 commentssilverlunar777
No Wii for you Kirby1199 viewsPoor Kirby. He's just waiting there by the wii hotline. T_T

Just to avoid confusion, my deviantart name is Pekopon, and my KRR forum name is VBKirby. This account was made before I started using the name Pekopon everywhere.
1 commentsGeneric Keroro fan
Essence of Adventure5827 views2nd in my "Essence of" series. This picture displays the happenings of Kirby's Adventure for NES, and Nightmare in Dreamland for GBA. Kirby must collect the pieces of the broken Star Rod from King Dedede and his cronies if Dreamland is to ever have good dreams again. Shown are all the unique bosses found throughout the game, all of whom are too many to list here, yet they each posed a new and interesting challenge. In the final battle, Kirby uses the power of the Star Rod to vanquish the Nightmare.7 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Hebimoru803 viewsHeavy Mole is one of my favorite bosses from the Kirby series. He's definitely one of the characters I'd love to see make a reappearance sometime, along with other obscure bosses like Kaboola, Sweet Stuff, and Pon and Con. I tried an unusual sort of style that I've used once before to see how it would turn out- I think it looks pretty nifty. Heavy's left blade digger thing looks kind of off, but that's probably just due to the angle I have it at.

I wonder if Heavy Mole and Heavy Lobster have a connection.
4 commentsDiddgery
Splash Kirby523 viewsMy second ability re-design is of the glitch ability Splash, which has so far only been in Kirby's Adventure(and it seems it will stay that way). He wears the hat of the mythical Kappa, a creature who lives by water and can be nasty or nice. Like how the Kappa will die if it loses all of the water in its bowl-shapped head, Kirby will lose the ability if he uses an attack that dumps all of the water out.

Attack picture will come later. Intended color was sea green, but I didn't have a pencil of it.
5 commentssuperyoshi888
Light Kirby1508 views An ability who has been somewhat forgotten. Kirby is able to bring light to the darkest places!
(click and enlage if you want a better resolution)
9 commentsSir Kirby
Kirby Wii1864 viewsBased off of this picture

That's my favorite screenshot from what's been revealed about Kirby's new Wii game. I used some of the actual colors from the screenshot, I'm no good with colors.

And hopefully we can play this stage eventually.
5 commentstorkirby
Meta Knight Waiting924 viewsMeta Knight waiting for Kirby to arrive.3 commentsmetadoo
Poppy Bros. Sr. Adventure Art(my style)361 viewsI traced over the official Adventure art for Poppy Sr. and basically used the airbrush to color it in. White background, because the art tablet does things transparently if you don't go over them and some parts look bad with a gradient.1 commentssuperyoshi888
Boss Rush / Miniboss Tower2665 viewsAll the bosses (excluding Nightmare Orb) and minibosses from the original Kirby's Adventure. This finishes up the second set of sculptures seen so-far. You can compare sizes here, seeing as Kirby (and Meta Knight) are about and inch-and-a-half tall. 5 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Photo SHOOT! (Bonus 2)2490 viewsIt's a biggie! A new Kirby's Photo shoot with almost all the sculptures seen thus far. Everyone I have made in the Kirby's Adventure series is here. Now you can see the madness from 3 different directions (3-D?!). Some of the poses were hard to get due to space and balance issues. The next group I will be doing is a combination of KDL2 & KDL3, because the two are so similar, and that I (may) be running low on reserves! Just kidding-- Many more glorious sculptures to come!6 commentsDedede-Daimyo
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