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Last additions - EyeofCalamity
Bestest Pals479 viewsRequested by Marxie2132

Don't get the wrong idea, I rarely ever do requests.

But I do like making Wallpapers, and I need more KRR Only Art.
1 commentsEyeofCalamityJan 10, 2012
Magolor Soul994 viewsI see you in there Dark Matter! You can't hide from me!

Seriously you have no idea who loudly I squeed when I saw him at the end of "Kirby's Return to Dreamland".. I've missed you Dark Matter! I knew Zero couldn't be dead!

Anyways I've wanted a wallpaper of this guy for a while.. So I made one..
6 commentsEyeofCalamityJan 01, 2012
Kirby Wii - Maybe He'll Return711 viewsHey, been a while right?

A lot of people have done their rendition of what they think Zero 3 would look like, most of them are still just floating eyeballs, I like to picture something Massive and stuck to a wall with lots of veins..

Anyway Kirby's Return to Dreamland for the Wii is scheduled to come out October 24th, last time I checked (only 7 years later than it was originally announced), and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Dark Matter will make a return after a 11 year hiatus.
4 commentsEyeofCalamityOct 02, 2011
Cross Kirby642 viewsDunno really.. Started out as boredom in PaintChat, then escalated to boredom in Photoshop..EyeofCalamitySep 26, 2009
Rock On1211 viewsAlright, how bout' some real pics and not just a pchat doodle..

This looked a lot better in my mind.. Then again in my mind I had a stage, Waddle Dee on Bass, and DeDeDe on Drums.. hahaha

Still, it turned out alright.

..And then all the sorrounding Enemies died..
5 commentsEyeofCalamitySep 26, 2009
Center of the Dark870 viewsBeen a while right? I haven't forgotten about this site it's just I haven't drawn anything at all in a while..

This.. Dunno.. Just a doodle done in Pchat yesturday.. Kinda why it's so small.. But It's been a while since I put anything on here..

Add it onto the pile of 0² pics with nothing happening but him floating there.
2 commentsEyeofCalamitySep 13, 2009
Corrupted Dreams1924 viewsI love this fight in Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland.. OwO

Kirby looks a little out of place in this picture, could be that he's the only thing in this picture I did in Flash, the rest was all photoshop..
12 commentsEyeofCalamityOct 17, 2008
Marx1964 viewsOkay this is my second attempt to put this on KRR.. First time was back in June, when I drew it..

Basically I'm mad that they can remember to put in loads and loads of minor and insignificant Trophies for stupid things in Brawl but they can't put a Trophy in for even 1 Kirby villain? *sigh*

Sure Marx got a wicked Remix, but those who haven't play Super Star don't know who he is.. Would've helped if he had a Trophy..
8 commentsEyeofCalamityOct 02, 2008
Galactic Knight2837 viewsZomg I love Kirby Super Star Ultra!

OMG! Hal Labs has done it again when it comes to FREAKIN AWESOME characters! As well as another EPIC fight and battle music! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SOMEONE REMIX THIS!


Oh and for those of you wondering why I haven't put up my Marx pic here, I tried to, but KRR apparently didn't want to put it up...
22 commentsEyeofCalamityOct 02, 2008
0 Trophy1588 viewsDrew this a few days ago (March 25th) because I was kinda upset that Dark Matter didn't get a Trophy in Super Smash Bros Brawl (X).. In fact I can't find any trace of Dark Matter besides the 0² Remix... Which is upsetting this huge Dark Matter fan...

Also I don't think the 0² Remix sounds nearly as good as the original...

Color Base Done in Macromedia Flash 8, Colored in Photoshop Elements 3.0
7 commentsEyeofCalamityApr 03, 2008
We lost1795 viewsMy oldest Kirby Fanart... (June 30th, 2006)
Inspired by my favorite Kirby Boss, 0... And his wicked Music...

Also I know I forgot Ribbon's ribbon...

Drawn Completely in Photoshop Elements 3.0
5 commentsEyeofCalamityApr 03, 2008
Zero1848 viewsA picture of 0's First and Second forms, as well as a Human version I made up... (Made June 11th, 2007)

Much like the Dark Warrior Drawing of mine I plan on using the Human version in a Kirby Universe Fan Comic I want to start.. But I don't know when I can get around to starting it..

This was inspired by a 0 02 Madlay Remix...

Drawn Completely in Photoshop Elements 3.0
9 commentsEyeofCalamityApr 03, 2008
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