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Last additions - Basil-Ovelby
Someone Needs a Hug1036 viewsBecause Dedede with the Scarfies is utterly adorable.

Mouse oekaki done in MS Paint
4 commentsBasil-OvelbyNov 12, 2008
The Insanity of Marx1396 viewsRandom personified comic I made in MS Paint.
I had to resize it a bit because it was too big, though.
8 commentsBasil-OvelbyOct 21, 2008
Dede-vision1147 viewsThis episode cracks me up to no end.8 commentsBasil-OvelbyOct 21, 2008
Hoshi no Marx1222 viewsA mouse-drawn oekaki of personified Marx... done in MS Paint because I'm pathetic like that.5 commentsBasil-OvelbyOct 06, 2008
Hoshi no Kirby1720 viewsThis is actually pretty old. Random non-personified and personified Kirby.9 commentsBasil-OvelbyFeb 07, 2007
Minku Kirby1334 viewsAn oekaki I did for the Personified Kirby Expo. It made the Top picture for a while.
It was a combination of Kirby and a minku (from one of my fav games, Brave Fencer Musashi).
10 commentsBasil-OvelbyFeb 07, 2007
Kirby and Bun1545 viewsAnother one that looks like it could be a screencap, this time of Kirby and Bun.14 commentsBasil-OvelbyFeb 07, 2007
Screencap1040 viewsIt looks like it could be a screencap? I don't know, lol. Kinda old, actually.9 commentsBasil-OvelbyFeb 07, 2007
The Dedede Army1113 viewsDon't even ask, I have no idea where this came from except that I found this awesome uniform online and wanted to draw it, ahaha.10 commentsBasil-OvelbyFeb 07, 2007
The Red Star1044 viewsA scene from Mabel's Big Prediction Part 2. I really loved that episode! It gave me the creeps, ahaha.11 commentsBasil-OvelbyFeb 07, 2007
Home1026 viewsRandom sketch I did one day that I colored with Copic markers.
Personified Dedede and Escargon.
10 commentsBasil-OvelbyFeb 07, 2007
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