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Last additions - Kirby Rider
Firehicle367 viewsA Scary vehicle. Yes, that's a flamethrower on its backKirby RiderApr 24, 2012
Rocket Formee371 viewsA Rocket. Blastoff!Kirby RiderApr 24, 2012
Balloombus324 viewsA Rhombus floating on a balloon that loves to deliver!Kirby RiderApr 24, 2012
Beehicle238 viewsA Bee on wheels. He'll get some honey faster than any other bee!Kirby RiderApr 24, 2012
Sigilyph Silhoette281 viewsA Sigilyph that can't stand fire, water, or ice (especially the latter). It can stand anything else, though!Kirby RiderApr 24, 2012
Monkey Girl262 viewsLike the other Kiminomimi based off of animals, she is from the Humanu tribe and, in her case, monkeys. She wears a bright red dress (Her tail wrapped her torso up!)Kirby RiderApr 24, 2012
Space Probe281 viewsExamines planets other than Mukaporu. Sometimes, it will drop "Probelets" to further investigate said planets.Kirby RiderApr 24, 2012
Kitsune girl279 viewsA girl said to have descended from the Humanu and the Kitsune. (She has nine tails) We only know about the former...Kirby RiderApr 24, 2012
Squirrel Girl218 viewsLike that Catgirl, her ancestors are Humanu. Then where are the squirrels...?Kirby RiderApr 24, 2012
Robogirl218 viewsThey dug up a corpse of a human girl and mechanized her. Her AI seems to say, "EAT ALL FOODS IN SIGHT"Kirby RiderApr 24, 2012
Ninja Formee197 viewsA Ninja. Hi-ya!Kirby RiderApr 24, 2012
Catgirl formee201 viewsUn-chibi'd. (The original formee is a chibi) She has feline ears, a feline tail, and one of her ancestors is Humanu. How do we know how she got her cat ears and tail when we haven't found any Mukaporan cats older than her?Kirby RiderApr 24, 2012
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