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Last additions - Lord Deguass
Death231 viewsA character I created.
He is one of Apocolypse's Four Horsemen and is a faithful servant, his massive arms double as blades, capable of cutting even the most dense of materials as though they weren't there. In his chest sits something that could only be equated to a blackhole. Once caught by it, nothing can escape, not even the immortal soul. In it, one does not die, nor do they live, yet they exist eternally, forced to endure the decaying of their very minds, perpetually.
Lord DeguassApr 12, 2011
Tavish versus Whispy woods297 viewsI think Tavish likes his new furniture.3 commentsLord DeguassJul 20, 2010
Tozo Visor Up275 viewsWhen the visor is up, It's time to run.

The actual screen in front of his eyes is a hardlight holographic, so it vanishes when he put it down. That mass of energy behind him is an attack I plan on making him use during the Comic. As for the pairs of eyes watching him, those are his inner emotions taking shape around the energy, both Rage and Clarity. The large eye forming at the center, is Tozo's mind's eye.

2 commentsLord DeguassJun 02, 2010
Tavish the Eternal, Tozo the Reaper300 viewsTwo original Kirby Fan Characters I came with, I'm conisdering creating a fan comic, with these two as the Main villans.

So what do ya think? I personally like Tavish's appearence without his glasses, simply because he looks more insane. But you won't get to see that just yet.

3 commentsLord DeguassMay 31, 2010
Shadow Kirby433 viewsWouldn't be at all surprised if this isn't the first of it's kind, I've seen some Fan-Made powers before so I thought I'd give it a go.

With this Ability Kirby can summon dark energies to slash at the foes ahead of him, he can also manipulate and fire this energy in a large blast, as well as pass through obstacles.
4 commentsLord DeguassMay 26, 2010
Wham Bam Glee778 viewsThe Wham Bam should enjoy what he does more. Kirby's like a stress ball, that squeaks when you squeeze him!

I'm okay with how Wham Bam Rock turned out here, but I'm not sure about the background.
5 commentsLord DeguassMay 25, 2010
Battle in the Hyperzone389 viewsSomething I did just real quick like.
3 commentsLord DeguassMay 14, 2010
Wheelie Sunset442 viewsMy first submission ever. Hope it's enjoyable.6 commentsLord DeguassMay 13, 2010
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